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From Daydream to IRL: How to Unlock Your Inner Entrepreneur

We all have big ideas that we keep in our back pockets – many of which never even see the light of day because the journey may seem too intimidating or excuses may cloud your initial excitement. Lively is here to challenge you to tap into your inner entrepreneur, so you can start turning your daydream into reality. 

Fostering Your Big Ideas

Fostering ideas doesn’t mean a forced brainstorming session on a daily basis. It’s more about living an inspired life. Lively has you covered with information about vision boards and dream sheets, which are surefire tools to manifest ideas and hone in on what you truly seek. These are methods to visualize and write about your ideal life but can be tailored to specific entrepreneurial ideas as well. What business or service would you offer if you had no limitations? What passions have you held yourself back from pursuing for one reason or another? What do you dream of your workday looking like? These are just a few questions to ask yourself as you put together your entrepreneur vision. 

From Daydream to IRL: How to Unlock Your Inner Entrepreneur

Living an inspired lifeis facilitated by the right influences. This can come from books you read, podcasts you listen to, people that you surround yourself with, events you attend and how you give back to your community. It can also be inspired by how others you admire engage with life as well. A vision truly can’t be forced, but it can show up when you are living life true to your passions and values.

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Executing Your Big Idea

Idea execution is related to your personality. Are you a go-getter? Maybe you go full force ahead without much planning. In that case, you could use the help of an entrepreneurship coach or another trusted source for guidance and organization. Are you detail-oriented, but cautious? It may be beneficial to hash out the pros and cons of an idea with a trusted person in your life that will honor your goals and direction. Either way, you are going to need to put a plan in place (yes, we are talking lists, spreadsheets, Google Docs, etc.). You know yourself best as to whether this is something you need to outsource or do yourself. This step solidifies progress toward your goals, so it’s important to go all in. It’s simple, but true. You have to let go of the fear and go for it in order to execute ideas, which happens to be the number one thing that stops us in the first place.

From Daydream to IRL: How to Unlock Your Inner Entrepreneur

Managing Your Time 

Time is currency, and how we budget it is critical to our success. Budget your time according to your values as an entrepreneur. The first task that gets knocked off the list needs to be the most time-critical one (even if it’s not the one you want to do first). Try different techniques such as time blocking. Fire up your Google calendar and block off 90-120 minutes dedicated to related tasks and focus on one project at a time. This facilitates more sustained attention and flow for limited tasks without distractions. A lot more goes into realizing your big passion or daydream, but these three tips are a good starting point when embarking on this journey.