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Easy Holiday Gift: This DIY Hot Cocoa Mix Kit

Still stumped on what to gift your co-worker or friend who has everything this holiday season? Consider taking the DIY route and make a gift at home. We think this Hot Cocoa Mix Kit is perfect for your friend whose idea of bliss is sipping on this favorite cold-weather beverage. Oh, and you can't forget about pairing the drink with a viewing of a cheesy holiday movie. Spoiler: most people love, love, love this activity, so you can't go wrong.

And yes, this gift is as easy to put together as it looks. (You could even help your kids make one for their teachers!) Using a mason jar, add a few scoops of hot cocoa mix, followed by a scoop or two of your favorite Vital Proteins Collagen Creamer® (we used Vanilla!). Top off your creation with cacao nibs, crushed peppermint (candy canes work perfectly) and a handful of marshmallows. Make it extra festive by tying a brightly colored ribbon around the mason jar.

We recommend using store-bought marshmallows if you're short on time. But if you want to truly impress your gift recipient, make your own at home. We like using this recipe for Chocolate-Dipped Marshmallows, which calls for Vital Proteins® Beef Gelatin ($30; shop now).

Encourage the recipient of your DIY Hot Cocoa Mix Kit to use the ingredients as is or to mix in her favorite coffee to the final product for an added burst of flavor. Regardless of what they choose, they'll still get to reap the health benefits of our Collagen Creamer. A quick breakdown: each flavor of our Collagen Creamer is not only made without gluten, dairy and added sugars, but also help to promote stronger hair, skin, nails, bones and joints.**

Ready, set, DIY!

diy hot cocoa mix kit

DIY Hot Cocoa Mix Kit



  • Layer the ingredients as you see in the above photo.
  • Wrap the jar in festive ribbons and a homemade gift tag.

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