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The Morning Routine Social Media Coordinator Callan Ricketts Swears By For Success

Welcome to The Vital Life where we spotlight Vital Proteins® employees. This week, our Social Media Coordinator, Vital Performance, Callan Ricketts, gives us a look inside her remote workday. 

Lively: Thanks for sharing your day with us! To kick things off, can you tell us about what you do at Vital Proteins and what you enjoy about your role?

Callan Ricketts: I am the Social Media Coordinator for Vital Performance™. I handle our editorial calendar and community management for Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook for Vital Performance. What I enjoy most about my job is that it is always changing! Each day, I get to interact with the VP community and continue to follow the always-changing social media landscape.

L: Walk us through your morning routine – how has it changed (or not) since staying home?

CR: Once I make my bed, open the blinds, light a candle and drink a glass of water; I try to get in a 10- to 20-minute meditation (some days this is replaced with pressing snooze too many times!). Following my meditation, I desperately need my coffee. I typically have a hot cup of coffee with almond milk and a scoop of Vital Proteins® Original Collagen Peptides. While I drink my coffee, I like to journal.

I live for my morning routine and try to avoid going on my phone for the first 30 minutes of the day. Next up is my morning workout! I either head to SoulCycle, open my laptop for an at-home pilates video, or head to my apartment gym. My breakfast varies, but typically includes coconut yogurt or overnight oats. I value the extra time in the morning since working remotely. It allows me to set my day up for success!

L: Where have you been getting inspiration for projects or tasks you might be working on throughout the day?

CR: To be honest, I get a lot of my inspiration from the people around me (both at Vital Proteins and outside of work). A large portion of my day is also spent on social media where I love to see how brands and individuals are getting creative. TikTok has recently been a place I go to for laughs, new ideas and trends and overall inspiration!

L: Lunchtime! What’s your plan?

CR: For lunch I will usually make a big salad or avocado toast. I also have been trying to take quick walks to break up my workday! Even just 10 minutes outside during lunchtime makes a huge difference in my energy levels.

L: You’re hitting your mid-afternoon slump. How do you re-energize your afternoon?

CR: Typically I will have a BIG iced coffee. Recently I have been obsessed with adding Vital Proteins® Chocolate Collagen Peptides to my iced coffee, it’s delicious! If I’m hungry, I will reach for a Vital Performance™ Chocolate Almond Protein Bar.

L: How have you been practicing #wellnessfromhome these days?

CR: I practice #WellnessFromHome in a few ways. Each day, I support my mental health by moving my body, meditating, getting outside, and getting enough sleep! A recent priority of mine has also been watching my screen time (hard to do when you work in social media!). With that being said, I try to start and end my day by spending 30 minutes without my phone.

Rapid-Fire Round

Favorite Podcast: I love to listen to On Purpose with Jay Shetty or How I Built This 

Favorite Workout: SoulCycle or Melissa Wood Health Pilates!

Binge-Worthy Show: New Girl 

Favorite Vital Proteins Product: I cannot get enough of the Vital Performance™ Chocolate Almond Protein Bars. I take them everywhere with me (even snowboarding)!

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