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4 Easy Ways To Incorporate Weights Into Your Workouts

Do you avoid using weights in your workouts? We've got some news for you — you should be using weights! No matter if you're a bodybuilder, a runner or just starting out in your fitness journey, weights should have a place in your routine. Lifting weights can help you build strength, lower your risk of injury and yes, runners, even help your PR

Whatever the reason it is that you're not lifting weights, we're here to help you get back in the game. Below, we break down your questions and give you 4 easy ways to incorporate weightlifting into your routine gradually. Scroll on for the insight.

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What are good weight workouts?

If you're short on time, or just working in a few weight workouts a week, start with exercises that target multiple muscle groups. Start by choosing basic exercises that utilize all of your individual muscle groups. An example of a basic workout might include:

What is a good weight lifting routine for beginners?

    Try to focus primarily on improving upper-body strength. One way to train is to focus only on the muscles on the front of your body, then the muscles on the back. This challenges these muscles more immediately and without much rest.

    Another option is to alternate — working one front of the body exercise (such as biceps curl) to one back (such as a bent-over row). Here, the front of the body can rest as you work back and vice versa. 

    Since legs have the largest muscle groups, leg workouts require more energy. Plan leg day when you've had adequate rest. Weighted leg exercises to try include:

    When you're working with heavy weights, be sure to give yourself adequate rest — this isn't a HIIT workout. Most trainers recommend resting for one to three minutes between exercises so you don't get lightheaded or burn out before the workout is over.

    What Are The Best Free-Weight Exercises?

    If you're using free weights, you can build whole-body strength. These workouts are more challenging, since your energy has to be utilized in multiple muscle groups at once.  These multi-plane, multi-muscle group exercises work both strength and cardiovascular fitness. Examples are:

    • Burpee
    • Squat To Press
    • Deadlift To Row
    • Side Lunge To Biceps Curl

    Can I build muscle with only dumbbells?

    Yes, you can build muscle using dumbbells. Keep in mind, this means increasing the weight you work with as you build your fitness. When weights you've been using aren't as challenging anymore, this is a sign you're ready for more. Keep a record of the amount of weight and reps used per exercise. As the exercises get easier, you can increase weight and/or repetitions. Track your progress.

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