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Fit Mom Sia Cooper Gets Real About Her Fitness Journey

Fit mom Sia Cooper (you may recognize her as @diaryofafitmommyofficial on Instagram) has been known for sparking conversation on fitness, postpartum workouts, and life as a working mom. She’s garnered over one million followers on the social platform and shows no signs of slowing down. Get to know the fitness influencer in our Q&A below, where she opens up about her fitness journey, her decision to get her breast implants removed after experiencing health issues, and how she’s teaching her kids to lead a nutritious lifestyle. 

Interview with Fit Mom Sia Cooper

Lively: When did you first become interested in leading a healthier lifestyle?

Sia Cooper: I began my fitness journey back in 2010 when I was pushing 150 lbs. while in nursing school. It wasn't until I was sick of the way my jeans fit that I decided to make a change. As someone who has never been taught health and how to take care of myself, I had to teach myself through research how to eat cleaner and what workouts to do in order to lose the extra weight. During this time, I created a small blog to motivate myself throughout my weight loss journey. Eventually my blog started picking up many visitors and women were coming to me for workout plans. At this point, I decided to become certified in order to help others find their way to a healthier lifestyle.

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L: I see you’re focusing on your health now after going a few months without working out. What has that transition been like? 

SC: Coming back after surgery was a challenge. I had to start very slow, almost at the very beginning as if I were just starting for the very first time. I began with doing just cardio and worked my way up to doing bodyweight moves. Eventually, after a few weeks when I had enough strength, I was able to add in my weights. The hardest and last part was being able to use my chest muscles again. I definitely had to listen to my body by going at my own pace while healing.


L: Your kids sometimes join you during your workouts. How else do you encourage your kids to follow a healthier lifestyle? 

SC: I like to help them choose healthier snack choices and I like to also involve them in cooking dinner with me. I teach them all the things I wished I would have been taught as a child. 

sia cooper

L: You’ve been open about getting your breast implants removed. Why was it important to you to share such a personal story with your Instagram followers? 

SC: I was open from the beginning because so many women were silenced over their health woes after getting their implants. I felt the need to use my large platform to raise awareness and I am so thankful I did because after sharing my story, countless women sent me emails, messages, and DMs telling me that they too could be suffering from Breast Implant Illness and having nowhere to turn to felt emotionally draining.

L: How do you respond when someone calls you a supermom or you encounter someone who is convinced you got it all figured out? 

SC: I politely remind them that I am only human and trying to figure out motherhood just like the next mom out there.

Photos: @diaryofafitmommyofficial/Instagram

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