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This Woman Stopped Working Out to 'Look Good' & Here's What Happened

When it comes to working out, some people take on a new-and-improved, increasingly intense fitness routine for the sake of aesthetics. It’s not uncommon, but trainer Gina Florio made a conscious effort to break free of that particular mindset.

Florio, who previously worked as the fitness editor at POPSUGAR, recently took to Instagram to share her experience with working out for the sole purpose of looking good. A few years back, Florio “moved away from aesthetics-based training” and instead focused on her body’s performance and strength level.

“I saw more of a change in my abilities and my body than I ever thought possible,” Florio writes on Instagram of changing her fitness priorities.

Before, Florio primarily focused on toning her legs and “shrinking the size of my arms.” She notes that placing extra emphasis on physical appearance is something plenty of women experience on their own fitness journeys. “It’s a limited way of thinking,” she says.

gina florio

Striving for Versatility

“Way back in the day when I began my CrossFit junkie phase, I realized there was something much more intriguing and rewarding about training for performance than aesthetics,” she continues. “Fast forward to a couple years later when I shed my CrossFit days, and my focus shifted from performance to versatility.”

She challenged her viewpoint with a slew of questions, she recounts: “How many different things is my body capable of doing and mastering? Which incredible movements can I accomplish if I put in the time and effort? I asked myself these questions over and over again, and still do. And I decided not to devote all my energy to just conquering one form of movement.”

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As a fitness trainer, Florio says she witnesses aesthetics-based training often when she’s working with clients. “It pains me when I think about how much more our bodies are able to accomplish — and how much we’re limiting ourselves. I love to introduce new movements and ideas to my clients, and although it’s way out of their comfort zone at first, the reward is much higher. The more curious you are with your body, the farther you’ll get and the more results you’ll see.”

Photo: @gmflorio/Instagram

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