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Can You Make It Through Erin Oprea's Total Body Workout?

Being able to get a good work out in anywhere – without any equipment – is what I love most! Incorporate these tough moves into your next exercise routine. You might even feel the same way I do after getting through a satisfyingly sweaty fitness session.

If you need to modify these exercises to go hand-in-hand with your fitness level, go for it! Vital tip: Listening to your body always comes first. 

Erin Oprea's Total Body Workout

plank chest taps erin oprea

Plank Chest Taps

While holding hand plank, bring one hand up at a time to tapping your chest. Repeat for 30 seconds.

t pushups erin oprea

T Pushups

Perform a pushup and rotate into a side plank as you come up. Alternate between left- and right-side plank for 8-10 reps on each side

erin oprea total body workout

One Leg Dead Lift

Stand on one leg with knee in a micro-bend (leg straight but not locked). Keeping your leg in that position throughout the maneuver, fall at the waist, keeping your chest and eyes up, back flat, hips square to the ground, and rear leg coming up extended behind you. Once you fall enough to feel a deep stretch in your leg, return to the starting position with control. Repeat 15 times before switching legs. 

calf raises erin oprea

Sumo Squat Hold with Calf Raise

Go into a sumo squat by placing your feet wider than shoulder-width apart and point your toes outward at a 45° angle. Push your butt out as if you were sitting on a chair and lower your body until your legs are parallel to the ground. Hold this for the remainder of the maneuver. Now while low in the sumo squat, push up onto your toes on one foot squeezing your calf nice and tight. Lower it and raise the other heel. Go back and forth, performing 15 reps on each leg. Once done, lower both feet flat and immediately perform 20 sumo squat pulses.

booty workout erin oprea

Squat into Booty Squeeze

Go into a squat focusing on one leg predominantly. Come halfway up and extend and lift your other leg rearward, squeezing your booty. Return back into another squat without fully standing up at any point in the maneuver.

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