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Try Rumble Instructor Dillan Ostrom's At-Home Boxing Workout

Ready to sweat? Dillan Ostrom's got the perfect workout for you.

As an instructor at L.A.’s Rumble Boxing, Ostrom regularly taps into his arsenal of top-notch workout moves to get class-goers feeling strong and looking toned in under an hour. Just like die-hard Rumble devotees, Ostrom has only high praise for the trendy workout that’s taken over Instagram feeds, he tells Lively.

“Boxing is a full-body HIIT workout focused on strength and endurance,” he says, adding that the mental benefits are also impressive. “Learning a skill can also provide mental stimulation. Boxing has the potential to be loads of fun!”  

Ostrom is partnering up with Vital Proteins at a live FREE event at The Grove in Los Angeles on Tuesday, July 30, where he’ll be demonstrating some of his favorite boxing moves. But if you can’t make it or aren’t based on the west coast, don’t fear! Ostrom dreamt up this quick and effective workout that takes less than 20 minutes to complete. It’s the perfect exercise routine if you’re always busy and want to inject some fun physical activity into your day.

Skip the gloves, reach for Collagen Water™ and get started below!

Boxing 101: 6 Different Moves

Jab = 1

boxing jab

Cross = 2

cross rumble

Front Hook = 3

front hook rumble

Back Hook = 4

back hook rumble

Front Upper = 5

front upper boxing

Back Upper = 6

back upper boxing

    Okay, let’s get started!

    Rumble Instructor Dillan Ostrom's At-Home Boxing Workout


    • Jump rope for 2-3 minutes


    ROUND 1 - FULL BODY (:30 seconds each)

    • 1-2's Speed
    • Speed Squats
    • Shoulder Taps  
    • 1-2's Speed
    • Speed Squats
    • Shoulder Taps

    ROUND 2 - CARDIO (:30 seconds each) 

    • 1-2-1-2   3-4
    • Front Jacks
    • High Knees 
    • 1-2-1-2   5-6
    • Front Jacks
    • Climbers

    ROUND 3 - FULL BODY (:30 seconds each) 

    • Lunges
    • Pop Squats
    • Pushups
    • Lunges
    • Pop Squats 
    • Push-Ups

    ROUND 4 - ABS


    • Boat Hold

    (:30 seconds each - twice)

    • Straight Arm Sit-Ups
    • Oblique Twists

    ROUND 5 - BURNOUT (:30 seconds each)

    • 1-2’s Speed
    • Power Jacks
    • Burpees or Climbers
    • 1-2’s Speed
    • Power Jacks
    • Burpees or Climbers

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