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The Collagen Products Brian Mazza Swears By

A few days before Brian Mazza, Founder of High Performance Lifestyle Training, set off on an impressive (and grueling) 50-mile run – starting in Manhattan and ending in Westchester – to raise awareness for male infertility, he took time out of his busy schedule to chat with Lively. Keep reading for our inspiring Q&A with Mazza, who opened up about his love for all things fitness, how he adds collagen to his daily routine & more.

Our Interview With Brian Mazza

brian mazza

Lively: What does fitness mean to you?

Brian Mazza: Fitness is everything to me. It’s the foundation of my self-love and happiness. I recently launched my own fitness app, called Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes. I hope to continue to help and influence others on their own path to a healthier lifestyle. 

L: What is something you wish people knew about you that they wouldn’t know from a quick scan of your IG?

BM: I have the same insecurities and issues as everyone else, but I’ve learned how to work towards making myself more confident towards them. 

L: In addition to implementing a workout routine that works for you and your goals, how else have you worked towards building that confidence?

BM: I think it starts with doing research on whatever you want to accomplish. Nothing happens overnight, so I start small and consistent. That allows the brain to have wins over building the right foundation for success. As I approach this 50-mile run, I only trained specifically 45 targeted days, but over the past two years, I’ve consistently run 100- to 130-mile months – so the foundation is there.

brian mazza  

L: Workout ruts are bound to happen. How do you overcome them?

BM: In my opinion, the way to avoid a workout rut is to not get burnt out in the first place. Recovery is essential in allowing your mind and body to stay fresh for the constant journey of fitness. But we are all human, so ruts do happen. When I experience these ruts, I simply switch up my routine and workouts to keep things new. Remember: Nothing changes if nothing changes. 

L: What are your fitness essentials on training days vs. active recovery days?

BM: Ever since introducing collagen into my life, my recovery has improved. It has become such a huge part of my lifestyle that if I don’t have it especially after a workout I feel off. 

L: Do you have a go-to pre- and post-workout meal?

BM: That’s a loaded question because different workouts require different nutrition. If I’m doing a 30- to 45-minute HIIT or running up to 20 miles, I won’t eat, and I will train on an empty stomach. Anything over a 20-mile run or very heavy weight days, I will consume carbs for more energy.  

L: Do you have a favorite Vital Proteins product?

BM: I am so in love with all of the Collagen Water™ flavors. I have one every day. As for Vital Proteins' collagen powders, I add them into all of my shakes and my "fun food," like pancakes, cookies, etc. I do not have a recipe; I just keep it real and go with the flow when I cook.

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