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This Bodyweight CrossFit Workout Is A Must-Try For Beginners

With many of us opting to work out at home these days, finding one that gets your heart pumping and helps build some serious strength is tricky. Enter: CrossFit bodyweight workouts at home. According to Kris Germain, Owner and Head Coach at CrossFit 310 in Redondo Beach, California, CrossFit was born out of garages around the country, so it feels like a homecoming of sorts. 

Ready to give bodyweight CrossFit workouts a try? Below, Germain shares a 30-minute CrossFit bodyweight workout for beginners you can do at home. Note that the warm-up is a crucial part, so don’t skip it. “It immediately takes people through ranges of motion they wouldn’t see in the everyday sedentary life of desks and couches,” he tells Lively of the warm-up. “It also starts the engine of the body and gets the heart ready to race a little.” 

Bodyweight CrossFit Workouts For Beginners

The Warm-Up 

Jumping jacks

Kick off this bodyweight CrossFit workout for beginners nice and simple with 20-25 jumping jacks. This will elevate your heart rate and warm up your body real quick. 

Shoulder rolls

Swing your arms through big, straight arm circles. Do 10 forward circles with one arm and then 10 backward circles. Repeat with the other arm. End with 10 circles in each direction with both arms at the same time.


Begin in a push-up position and then inch your feet toward your hands one small step at a time while keeping your legs straight the entire time.

Alternating lunges

Start by taking a step forward and kissing your back knee to the ground. Then drive through the front leg to push back to the starting position. Be sure to keep your front foot heel on the ground. Then alternate legs. Do 10 lunges on each side.

bodyweight crossfit workout

Perfect push-ups

There’s an art to a perfect push up. Germain says it all about touching your chest to the ground and getting that full range of motion. Do five for the warm-up.

Plank hold

To wrap up the warm-up part of this bodyweight CrossFit workout for beginners, get into an elbow position plank and hold for 15-30 seconds.

*Repeat the warm-up cycle of this bodyweight CrossFit workout for three rounds*

bodyweight crossfit workout

CrossFit Bodyweight Workouts At Home

Now that you’re nice and warmed up and perhaps dripping in sweat, dive into the actual workout. It’s only seven minutes long, but you will feel the burn. Do as many rounds as possible of the below exercise pattern during the seven minutes, while keeping your form in check, of course.

100m run or 25 box toe touches 

If you have the space for it, go for a quick 100-meter dash run. The alternative is to do 25 box toe touches on a stair, box, or a ball. Start with your right foot on top of the box. Hop and switch feet in the air so that your left foot is now on the box. Alternate briskly back and forth while moving your arms in a running motion. Right and left equals one rep.

10 push-ups

See perfect push-up tips above. You’ve got this!

5 bear crawls 

Mark off 10 feet in your workout space. Then get on all fours and crawl back and forth five times, sharing the load between your hands and feet. Resist the urge to stick your butt in the air when you get tired.

10 lunges 

Power through 10 lunges, and you’re done!

“The beauty of this bodyweight CrossFit workout is its potency despite its simplicity,” Germain says. “If you are a beginner, there is nothing radical that you have to learn. Conversely, if you are in great shape, this can still knock you on your butt because of the intensity that you might be able to pour into the 7-minute game.”

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