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Betina Gozo: 'You Are Stronger Than You Think'

Betina Gozo loves to stay active – and it really shows. The Nike Master Trainer and Vital Proteins brand ambassador is physically and mentally strong – but it hasn’t always been that way, she reveals in a video interview with VP (below). Gozo makes it a point to keep moving and wants to inspire her over-25K Instagram followers to do the same.

“Moving takes me to a place where I know that anything is possible,” she tells Vital Proteins. “And I know with me pushing myself and taking movement there, I can inspire other people to really push themselves.”

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And in case you were wondering, Gozo fuels her fitness routine with only the best ingredients, including Vital Proteins products.

“Eventually I just realized, not only will my workouts make me feel better but what I put into my body made me feel a lot better,” she continues. “I discovered Vital Proteins through friends and started to see it on the internet. It makes me feel so much stronger. I feel like I can recover better. With someone as active as I am, it’s just a game changer.”

So, what’s her favorite Vital Proteins product? “I absolutely love the Matcha Collagen. It’s usually my go-to.” The trainer enjoys a hot cup of Matcha Collagen, which helps to support healthy hair, skin, nails, and joints in the morning. And if she’s in need of an extra energy boost in the afternoon, she usually serves herself a cold glass of the peach-flavored Matcha Collagen.

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And like we previously mentioned, Gozo’s schedule didn’t always include regular workouts. Now they’re a part of her lifestyle. And she hopes to keep it that way for her own benefit, as well as for all the people who look up to her.

“What inspires me to move really is remembering that I really wasn’t very strong before physically. And even mentally,” she says. “And being able to remember that really inspires me to inspire other people. Because you really are stronger than you think. And you have the power to take control of your life.”

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