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The Best Pre Workout Drink & Powder For Your Workout

The way you prepare for your workouts should be reflected in the way you fuel for them too. Just like you grab your fancy water bottle and your best, sweat-wicking clothes, is how you should treat your pre-exercise nourishment as well. This starts with an effective pre workout drink and powder.

With many options available, we're giving you the scoop on the best pre workout drink and powder options (spoiler alert: they include collagen!) to provide you with great benefits while also complementing your lifestyle. Scroll on to see what these are and to learn more about them, below!

A Pre Workout Drink & Powder For Your Workout

Why Use Collagen In A Pre Workout Drink 

Vital Proteins' collagen is here to help you rebuild, restore and recover on your workout journey.** Since it's found in all of our connective tissues, tendons, ligaments and bones, its purpose is to provide your body parts with strength, structure and elasticity, which, as you know, are all essential components utilized in a workout.

This is important because, as we get older, our bodies become less efficient at naturally producing collagen. This is why we recommend introducing ingestible collagen to your diet, by adding Collagen Peptides to a pre workout drink or pre workout smoothie, or using it in a collagen-infused pre workout powder, like Vital Performance™ PRE.

How Collagen Works For Your Body

Ligaments, joints and tendons are all part of the intricate matrix in our body largely consisting of collagen. Eating a healthy diet, getting plenty of exercise and including foods rich in collagen are a few ways to help keep these important parts of our bodies well-oiled and strong.

During intense workouts, strenuous and continuous exertion causes strain on our bodies, especially in muscles, joints and ligaments. Along with age, repetitive activity can lead to collagen depletion in the body.

To account for this, consuming collagen — in a pre workout drink or pre workout powder or pre workout smoothie — can assist in keeping joints flexible, comfortable and healthy.** 

A Pre Workout Drink & Powder For Your Workout

What's In Vital Performance™ Pre Workout Powder

As we mentioned, Vital Performance PRE is a great pre workout powder option that contains 5g of collagen. This is essential in helping collagen-rich tendons, ligaments, bones and connective enable our bodies to get stronger. If you want to lift heavier weights, then you’ll need to have stronger supporting structures.**

Another performance game changer®? The addition of citrulline, arginine and creatine — three types of nitric oxide producers that help boost muscle strength and power output as you go.** (Pro tip: This is a great pre workout for runners to use too!)

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A Pre Workout Drink & Powder For Your Workout

How To Enjoy Collagen In A Pre Workout Powder or Drink

Wondering how to take your pre workout (or curious how long your pre workout lasts?) Here's what we recommend:

Not only have we made taking collagen easier than ever (psst! it's easily digested and soluble in hot or cold liquids), but our Collagen Peptides can be seamlessly added to your daily routine by mixing it into a pre workout drink or pre workout smoothie. To use, 1-2 scoops a day is all you need! 

Then, for Vital Performance™ PRE, simply combine 2 scoops with 12 oz. of liquid, and mix thoroughly. Whichever route you go, you'll be ready to hit all of your workout goals, whether you're taking your pre workout for running, crossfit and more!

A Pre Workout Drink & Powder For Your Workout

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