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Should You Wash Your Hair After Working Out?

You've finally started exercising regularly, and you're expertly conquering every HIIT, boxing and barre class on your workout schedule. You're proud of your newfound strength but something still feels off: your hair. You didn't wash it every day before embarking on your fitness journey, but you begin to wonder if you should be giving your tresses a little more TLC after completing a particularly hard workout.

"Try not to wash your hair every day," Brittany Jones, a professional hairstylist with over a decade of experience, tells Lively. And yes, the advice is the same for someone who makes it to the gym every day. Your hair doesn’t need to be washed after every sweat session.

"Dry shampoos are fantastic for this reason!" continues Jones, recommending R+Co's new Skyline Dry Shampoo, a product "made specifically for post-workouts."

should you wash your hair after working out

No Dry Shampoo? No Problem.

If you still feel like spritzing on some dry shampoo isn't as satisfying as wetting your hair in the shower, Jones has another trick. "Try skipping the shampoo, and instead rinse your hair and use conditioner on your ends. Then style as usual!"

There's a reason behind not washing your hair every day. "Keep in mind that the less you shampoo your hair, the less you need to. Your scalp will mostly regulate itself," says Jones. "If you continually strip your scalp of its natural oils, your scalp will overproduce them. It will take a couple weeks to regulate, but once it does, I guarantee you’ll be loving your shorter morning routine."

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