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How to Properly Care for Your Hair in the Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer

By: Maggie Polsean

Fall and winter weather is crisp, cozy and can lead to brittle, dry hair because of the lack of moisture outside. Spring and summer weather is happy, humid and has been known to cause greasy, frizzy hair because of the heat.

To keep your mane looking flawless all year long, there are precautions you should be taking with the changing seasons. Rachel Beadnell, senior stylist at Rockton Sanctuary Spa in Rockton, IL, shared with us her best tips for giving your locks some TLC and keeping them damage free year round.

Keep Your Hair Moisturized, Especially in the Fall and Winter

Moisture is the key to having healthy, shiny hair and the weather really does impact how much moisture your hair has. “In the fall and winter, use a leave in conditioner every day and use a deep conditioning treatment once a week,” says Beadnell. “If you aren’t constantly putting the moisture back into your hair during the winter, you are going to get split ends like crazy.” She also suggests washing your hair less during the colder months because excessive washing dries out your ends and strips moisture.

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Do Not Use a Color-Protecting Shampoo Every Day

When it gets colder, hair colors tend to get darker and you want to keep your new color looking fresh all fall. But strictly using a color-protecting shampoo can seriously dry out your hair. “You risk having breakage because the shampoo dries out your ends in an effort to keep the color,” Beadnell says, “You’re better off just using it occasionally and using a moisturizing shampoo a majority of the time.”

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Dry Shampoo Is a Must

“When it’s hot out, you want to suck up all the excess oil in your hair and dry shampoo is going to do that for you,” says Beadnell. Greasy hair is a look no one wants and using a dry shampoo during the spring and summer months will help keep oil at bay. You can also use it on the days you don’t shampoo in the fall and winter too.

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Use Coconut Oil All Year-Round

You can use coconut oil for anything and everything, including using it as a hair treatment. “In the winter, you can use coconut oil as a conditioning hair mask, just leave it on for about 10 minutes then rinse it out,” says Beadnell. “In the summer you can brush it through your ends for shiny looking hair, just make sure you only use it on your ends because if it gets in your roots, your hair will get greasy.”

Get Regular Haircuts

No matter the season, getting a trim every six to eight weeks helps to keep your hair healthy and it promotes hair growth. “Your hair retains moisture better and it gets rid of damage styling and weather causes,” says Beadnell. Plus, you can try out an exciting new haircut for the new season approaching.

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