By: Grace Gavilanes

The versatility of fillers officially became mainstream after Kylie Jenner famously used them to enhance her lips. The move quadrupled the reality star's clout and served as the impetus for launching her multi-million-dollar makeup company.

Many people have since associated fillers with a plumper pout. But did you know they could also be injected into the under-eye area to diminish the appearance of dark circles?

As Radhika Patel, DNP, APN of Skin Laser & Surgery Specialists of NY and NJ, tells Lively, there is no permanent solution for dark under-eye circles. But fillers, which are deemed safe and can last anywhere from nine months to one year, are an option to consider.

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Can Anyone Use Fillers for Dark Under-Eye Circles?

"Fillers would work well with patients that have hereditary dark circles or patients that start to lose volume around the eyes as they get older," says Patel. Of course, the procedure isn't recommended for everyone. "Patients who have very thin, inelastic skin or who have significant fat pads/puffiness in this area are not good candidates."

Not ready to take the plunge? Focus on staying hydrated and following a low-sodium diet (sodium can increase puffiness around the eye area). Applying under-eye cream twice a day can be beneficial as well. "Keeping the area moisturized will help with dullness," says Patel.

dark under eye circles

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How Else Can I Treat My Dark Circles?

Patel also advises against using unconventional remedies, like adding hemorrhoid cream to your skincare routine, which is a common move for people in a time pinch. "Hemorrhoid cream can help temporarily because it constricts the blood vessels in that area for a while," she shares. "However, it also has ingredients in it that may cause you to break out. If the hemorrhoid cream has hydrocortisone in it, it can thin your skin out over time."