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3 DIY Hair Masks For The Sizzling Heat

Unless you're sporting braids and hats (kudos if you are!), summer heat may be causing significant damage to your hair. UVA and UVB rays can deteriorate the inner structure of hair strands, causing major problems like discoloration, dullness, brittle ends, and even breakage. After a long day of summertime fun, try these DIY hair masks.

We have one for every hair type: dry, oily, and damaged. Let's get to masking!

If You Have Dry Hair:

Too much heat can be really detrimental for dry hair. You'll know its too much when your scalp is itchy and your hair is brittle with an overall dry look and feel. Help your strands get their life back with this mask! Leave it on for at least 30 mins for an intense treatment.

Mask Recipe: 1 banana + ½ avocado + 2 teaspoons coconut oil

The potassium from the banana will help to nourish your strands, while the vitamin B from the avocado feeds them moisture-promoting nutrients. Coconut oil seals the hair and, being one of the few penetrating oils, is able to help repair hair from the inside.

If Your Scalp Is Oily:

Oily skin is great for keeping wrinkles at bay, but when we're talking about our scalp, it can be hard to manage. Excess sebum on the scalp can cause dandruff and fungal growth. It also leads to buildup in our hair, making it feel dirty and look greasy. While oil can help keep hair moisturized, the truth is that too much oil works as a sealant, keeping dryness in and moisture out.

Unfortunately, sun exposure can make things even worse. The sun slicks oil on the scalp, and, like water, sweat and oil don't mix. The oil will essentially sit on top of your strands. We don't want that! To help control sebum production, give this mask a try:

Mask recipe: 3 drops tea tree extract + 1 scoop of Vital Proteins Beauty Collagen® in Lavender Lemon ($24.99; shop now on + Rose Water to loosen

Tea tree helps to prevent buildup and has disinfectant properties, while lavender can help to slow bacteria growth.** Lemon regulates sebum production and rose water helps with proper pH balance.

If Your Hair Needs Extra TLC:

Always protect your skin with coverage, whether that is with a hat or SPF. Take it a step further with a reparative after-sun scalp mask. This one helps to soothe the scalp:

Mask recipe: 3 pureed strawberries + contents of 3 Vital Proteins® Beauty Boost™ capsules ($30; shop now on + aloe vera gel + whipped coconut oil

Strawberries are rich in antioxidants. The vitamin C and biotin in our Beauty Boost™ capsules are great for helping to promote stronger hair.** Aloe vera gel makes a great base for this mask and helps soothe heat damaged hair. Whipped coconut oil (you can do this yourself with electric beaters and some muscle!) also helps to carry the nutrients inside hair follicles.

Don't let your hair take a beating this summer! Take preventive measures with these three easy DIY hair masks that will have your locks looking shiny and refreshed well after summer has gone.

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