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One Simple Way To Make Your Morning Routine Healthier — No Exercise Involved

While resolutions typically ring to the tune of working out more, eating healthier or getting more sleep (if only!) all of them seem centered around one main theme — promoting a "better" you.

At Vital Proteins, we've been asking ourselves: What if we thought about that differently going into 2020? Instead of trying to change or fix yourself, what if you focused on renewing all the ways you’re already great? Like hitting publish on the blog you’ve spent the last few months writing, or finally organizing a run club in your office to share your love for jogging?

One Simple Way to Make Your Morning Routine Healthier — No Exercise Involved

This motivated me to set my own intention that would promise to give my body a little extra TLC in 2020. (For the record, I don’t always eat the healthiest and love indulging in wine and greasy takeout with friends — yes to ALL the pizza. But I am grateful for being able to power through long runs and even making it to an occasional hot yoga class.)

So as I look towards the new year, my goal is: 

Adding Collagen Peptides to my morning drink as a simple way to boost my routine.

I love that adding one to two scoops of Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides to my beverage is a quick way for me to incorporate wellness — without depriving myself of carbs or punishing myself with a painful 60-minute, high-intensity workout. It's also something I find comfort in knowing will support healthy hair, skin, nails and joints,** in a feel-good way.

Better yet, the thought that I can add Collagen Peptides a whole bunch of ways that also work with my schedule is great, too. This includes putting it in my post-workout smoothie or mixing it into my coffee for my commute (these Collagen Peptide Stick Packs are so portable!). And if I’m feeling really motivated, I can even add it to a yummy recipe like this savory shakshuka one. Brunch, please!

So, now that I've spilled my resolution, let me turn the question over to you: What will you do over the course of the next 12 months to show love to yourself and your amazing qualities? 

Let’s make this your best year. Who's with me?

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