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What Does 'Natural Flavors' Mean?

At Vital Proteins®, our Collagen Creamer™ lineup continues to be a best-seller. And in this line includes Mocha Collagen Creamera sweet addition to your morning routine that mixes well with granola and cereal for a unique spin on your breakfast.

This versatility runs true for our fan-favorite Coconut Collagen Creamer, but there is a key difference that sets it apart from Mocha — natural flavors. Mocha Collagen Creamer includes natural flavors, unlike our Coconut Collagen Creamer, which contains coconut milk powder. 

To understand "what does natural flavors mean?", we break down the definition and how it impacts you, below.

What Does Natural Flavors Mean?

What Does 'Natural Flavors' Mean?

For some people, products that contain “natural flavors” are synonymous with artificially generated ingredients. But this isn’t the case with our Mocha Collagen Creamer. According to the FDA, a natural flavor is one that’s derived from a “spice, fruit or fruit juice, vegetable or vegetable juice, edible yeast, herb, bark, bud, root, leaf or similar plant material, seafood, poultry, eggs or dairy products.”

In short, natural flavors are derived from a plant or animal. Artificial flavors, on the other hand, are generated synthetically.

Where Do Natural Flavors Come From?

While we’re unable to share where we source our natural flavors since their ingredients – like great-grandma’s spaghetti sauce recipe — are proprietary, we can confirm that the formulation is non-GMO; it also contains no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. Just like with the rest of our Vital Proteins products, we expect all our suppliers to comply with certain health and safety, social, environmental and business integrity requirements.

If you’re still not ready to hop on the “natural flavors” train, consider some of our other top-selling products, like Collagen Peptides, Marine Collagen and Beef Gelatin. They’re each made with one ingredient: bovine hide collagen peptides (Collagen Peptides), collagen peptides sourced from white fish scales (Marine Collagen) and bovine hide gelatin (Beef Gelatin). Note: If you need a refresher on "what is collagen", look here.

What Does Natural Flavors Mean?

Are Natural Flavors Bad?

While we can comment on where the FDA derives natural flavors (re: a plant or animal) understanding how they impact you is something we'd recommend running by a professional. They can best provide you with the diagnosis and treatment of any medical condition and assist you as well in deciding whether a dietary option will work with your lifestyle.

That aside, we can assure you that all of our products contain quality ingredients, clean labels and transparent sourcing. So if you're ready to try your hand at a few, start shopping below.

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