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A Decadent Spin On Your Favorite Fruit Kebab Recipe

Looking for a sweet and simple way to work collagen into your Fourth of July menu? Look no further than these sweet, chocolate-covered Fruit Kebabs! Yup, you read that right. Now you can have your collagen – and eat it too!

These Fruit Kebabs are so easy to make, all you need are five simple ingredients that you likely already have at home! It only calls for 10 quick steps, which means this sweet treat will be ready in no time for all of your friends and family to enjoy! Plus, this collagen recipe is packed with good-for-you ingredients, like blueberries, strawberries and our OG Collagen Peptides. Not only is our collagen flavorless and odorless, but it also helps to support healthy hair, skin, nails and joints.**

It is the perfect addition to your summer BBQ or daily dessert spread. Need we say more?

Chocolate Covered Fruit Kebabs

Yields 10 Fruit Kebabs



  1. Wash all fresh fruit.
  2. Slice leaves off each strawberry.
  3. Push fruit individually onto each kebab stick (to follow the photo, alternate strawberries and blueberries).
  4. Place kebabs on an easy-to-clean surface or serving tray.
  5. Melt the chocolate chips (stirring frequently to avoid burning the chocolate)
  6. Mix 1 T of coconut oil into the chocolate until smooth.
  7. Slowly pour the scoop of collagen into the chocolate batter, stirring in a little bit at a time until fully combined.
  8. Mix the last T of coconut oil into the chocolate until smooth.
  9. Drizzle the chocolate spread over the fruit kebabs.
  10. Let sit in room temperature or within a refrigerator for 30 minutes before serving to allow the chocolate to solidify.

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