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17 Fun & Unexpected Ways to Spend Valentine's Day

If you’re not sure what you and your other half would like to do this Valentine’s Day, but you do knowyou don’t want to spend a fortune on yet another fancy prix-fixe dinner, we’ve got you covered. We recently synced up with a few dating experts to get their two cents on unique Valentine’s Day dates, so read on below for plenty of creative and cliché-free ways to spend February 14! 

Suggested byLindsay Anderson, Head Dating Coach, Smart Dating Academy

axe throwing valentines day

1. Axe throwing 

There is a thrill in trying something new and different together, so why not partake in an out-of-the-box activity like axe throwing this Valentine’s Day? The adrenaline rush and excitement you’ll feel from throwing an axe at a target will get the sparks flying.

2. Magic Lounge

Magic clubs are popping up all over the country — plan a date at one to incorporate the element of surprise and delight! Studies have shown that when people are bored in their relationship, they feel less attracted to their partner. If you want to rekindle that lost sizzle, try adding an element of mystery. A magic show can help do just that! 

3. Partner yoga class

Physical touch builds connection and exercise improves mood. When dopamine (otherwise known as your happy chemical) is released, it creates feelings of pleasure and reward. All it takes is between 10-20 minutes of exercise to activate the pleasure center in your brain, so look to a physical activity such as partner yoga when February 14 rolls around!

4. Make Valentine’s Day Cards for children with illnesses

Oftentimes couples can tend to focus on what they don’t have or what’s wrong. However, taking the time to put things into perspective can help you to feel more connected and grateful. Perhaps spend an evening making Valentine’s Day cards and care packages for children affected by pediatric cancer or chronic illness. The more love you give, the more love you get!

5. Choose your own adventure 

Create a card with different date ideas and have your significant other roll a dice. Based on the number the dice lands on, your partner can reveal a certain “prize.” Or, you can create a 2x3 grid and have them pick a different option on each row to reveal either chocolates or flowers, two different restaurant choices (don’t forget to make both reservations in advance) and two post-dinner options. Be creative!  

6. Glassblowing class 

A glassblowing class is another unique way to heat up your relationship and, as a bonus, you get to leave with a keepsake. 

Suggested by Rob Virges, Coach,Craft of Charisma

trampoline park

7. Trampoline park

If you want to harness your inner gymnast, a trampoline park is a perfect way to show your date your spontaneous side while fulfilling your stuntman/stuntwoman fantasy.

8. Go-Kart

Another alternative date idea is to get involved in a bit of go-kart racing. It makes for an amusing time and you’ll be able to connect over the fun you’re having together.

9. Paint & sip

You don’t have to be Picasso to make the most of a paint and sip class — after all, the wine is there to help you relax and lean into it. Dating early on shouldn’t have to feel like a tense job interview — it should be light — and this a great way to express your creative side. Usually the class provides step-by-step instructions to create a masterpiece with your partner and it can be quite relaxing once you both get into it.

10. Escape the room or laser tag

It’s entertaining when you’re solving puzzles with your date, but even more so when you’re fighting your way out with your other half in both these scenarios. You’ll also get to practice a bit of teamwork.

Suggested by Channa Bromley, Relationship Coach atRelationship Hero

ice skating couple

11. Ice skating or roller skating

There is just something about skating that is quite romantic — perhaps it’s that the falling and holding each other up is very bonding and metaphorical of what a great relationship represents. Skating also brings out our inner child as we tune into the playful side of ourselves, where all the labels, roles and stresses of daily life dissipate.

12. Couples cooking class

Put romance into the kitchen and passion onto your plate. Learning new skills together is another way to level-up romantic connection. Cooking classes are new, enjoyable, and you don't have to do any dishes! You will create and enjoy a top-quality meal, and after all, isn’t the way to the heart through the stomach?!

13. Workout class

Couples that sweat together, stay together! Exercise releases those feel-good endorphins and working OUT is actually more of a work IN. It gives us a lot of insight as training is a conversation between our body and spirit. We are consistently shedding limiting beliefs as we push through new boundaries and realize our potential is much greater than we ever thought. Helping one another reach goals and milestones is sexy! 

14. Recreate that first date

As important as novelty is in maintaining desire in a relationship, so is seizing the opportunity to relive how it all began!  

Suggested byStefanie Safran, Matchmaker and Dating Expert,

chocolate fondue

15. Chocolate fondue

Melting chocolate alongside strawberries, marshmallows, graham crackers and other fruits is a popular dessert at many weddings and special events. That being said, indulging in a little DIY fondue at home is a fun way to spend time together and it certainly helps that chocolate is one delicious aphrodisiac.

16. Create a scavenger hunt

Scatter clues around about your relationship and have them lead to an evening out or special night at home.

17. Whip up a themed dinner

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be solely about long-stemmed roses and fancy dinners out! It can be gratifying to cook alone and surprise your significant other with a delicious meal, or you can both roll up your sleeves and hit the kitchen to each create a dish for a themed meal.