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Blogger Taylor Love Reveals the Items She Keeps In Her Bag at All Times

When it comes to all things style, beauty and wellness, Taylor Love (@taylor_lovee on Instagram) has got her readers covered on her blog, Love Inside and Out. But who is the woman behind the playful, informative words? Love took time out of her busy day to chat with Lively. Keep reading to learn a little more about the lifestyle guru, from what she keeps in her bag to the workout she can't get enough of.

Lively: We've read about how you're loving your morning routine – what would you say is the best part about it?

Taylor Love: I think the best part about having a morning routine in place is the feeling I get when I’m starting my day in such a positive way. I really believe in the notion of "what we give energy to expands," so spending that time focusing on gratitude and really deciding that it’s going to be a great day is everything to me!

L: Do you have a workout or wellness activity you swear by?

TL: I am currently loving Orange Theory [high-intensity training classes]! I just love the environment and the fact that there are so many different levels of fitness all in one room vibing together. To me, fitness is about showing up and getting better week by week rather than the way it makes us look. I think of it as a medication for my mind and then the looks thing is like a positive side effect! I also just love getting out for walks with my dog to clear my mind throughout the day.

taylor love

L: It's easy to spend all day binging Netflix. How do you pump yourself up to be productive?

TL: Ahhh, we all have those days where we just want to be blobs and watch Netflix!! I think there has to be a balance but when I know I don’t really need rest, I force myself. I am really into listening to these YouTube talks by Abraham Hicks (she's like a spiritual guru) and listening to her talk about the law of attraction and manifesting can also pump me up/get me out of a funk! I also love spending time visualizing what I want and am trying to call into my life. Also, a little coffee always helps.

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L: We know you love to travel – do you have any tips for someone who's a newbie?

TL: I do love to travel! To be honest, I am still learning about packing well, ha! I always pack way too much because I like to bring 17231092 wellness products with me, like my Vital Proteins stick packs! Something I always do when traveling is try and make it to the local healthy grocery store to stock up on snacks. Especially when I’m in a group just in case everyone else is eating something I can't (like pizza), I can have lots of snacks as a back-up.  

L: What are a few things you keep in your bag or near you at all times?

TL: Lavender pills for anxiety, Vital Proteins stick packs for my coffee, sage and palo santo, my phone, Primally Pure chapstick, natural deodorant and skincare products! Also, a workout outfit so I can get a sweat in.

L: If you had to wear the same article of clothing for a week, what would it be and why?

TL: Definitely workout clothing! I love Lululemon and Outdoor Voices. Those are probably my favorites!

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taylor love

L: Do you have a go-to DIY mask or anything DIY-beauty-related you swear by?

TL: YES! I adore everything from Beautycounter (I'm a consultant), especially the Charocal Mask. We have so many amazing non-toxic skincare and beauty products and love sharing them because they make such a difference in people’s health a.k.a. not putting all the toxic crap on their skin.

L: Do you have a favorite Vital Proteins product and recipe?

TL: This is such a tough one because I truly love them all! I love the stick packs for travel, the berry or vanilla collagen for smoothies, and the Collagen Creamer or Collagen Peptides for coffee! I love it all. As far as a recipe, I shared my favorite green smoothie using Collagen Peptides over on my blog.