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Guest Editor Silvana Araujo Shares Her Favorite Collagen Product

Every month, we introduce a new Guest Editor to share his or her musings on wellness, beauty, lifestyle and beyond. This month, we invited fitness pro Silvana Araujo to take part. Find out what first inspired her to hit the gym, the mantra she lives by, the Vital Proteins products she can't live without and more. Plus, keep an eye out for her two blog posts on Lively later this week!

Lively's interview with Silvana Araujo

silvana araujo

Lively: What first got you interested in fitness?

Silvana Araujo: My stepdad getting diagnosed with diabetes and getting really sick was the first time I was exposed to the impact food has on your health. This is when I started to get informed and watched how I was eating despite feeling comfortable with my body. For me, eating healthy became a matter of health – not beauty. 

In college, I started with taking classes about nutrition and started having a further understanding of the importance of a healthy diet and how to build a 360° healthy lifestyle. To achieve this, I learned about how fitness and exercise are key players.

As soon as I started to eat better and work out more consistency, I could feel the positive results. I was feeling more energetic, confident and healthy.

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L: You have fans all over the world! What does the international recognition mean to you?

SA: I would have never expected that something that started as hobby would transcend this much and have a positive impact on people’s lives. This honestly means a lot and drives me to work more even when I’m having a bad day.

I feel really grateful for all the positive messages I receive and really excited about all the people from around the world that speak different languages that take the time to replicate my workout routines.

Soon, I’m going to attend the Expofitness International Sports and Wellness in Medellin, Colombia with Vital Proteins and I can’t wait to be able to meet and talk to some of the people that follow and support me on social media – in real life. I look forward to being able to help as many people as I can in their health journey. I like being there for them on bad days because it’s the most fulfilling part of what I do.

silvana araujo

L: Do you have a go-to workout you can’t live without?

SA: My day to day is crazy and I never know where I’m going to be next. This is why I love doing a high-intensity, full-body workout. I usually try to work out early in the morning, so I can start my day with full energy, post-workout. This type of workout is perfect for everyone who has a hectic schedule but wants to see results.

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L: What are your must-have travel essentials?

SA: Every time I travel, I try to be as practical as possible and be prepared beforehand in case I can’t find a gym nearby. This is why I always carry my resistance bands and jumping rope with me, so I can squeeze in a quick workout to boost my day. Finally, the other thing I can't live without is my Collagen Peptides, which has become a key part of my day-to-day routine because it has been helping me with my hair, skin and overall health. 

L: What do you always carry in your gym bag? 

SA: In my gym bag, you can always find my knee and ankle straps, squat pad and headphones for a more motivated workout routine. 

silvana araujo

L: Why do you incorporate collagen in your daily routine?                                                         

SA: I incorporate collagen in my daily routine because it helps me with my skin, hair, nails, joints and ligaments. I can feel the impact on my overall health. Additionally, collagen is easy to include in your day to day because you can add it to your drinks such as your coffee, smoothies and even in your favorite foods.

I started using the RecoveryWave because it's the perfect collagen-packed supplement that I use after each workout for a full recovery.

L: We just launched Collagen Bars™! Tell us: Which is your favorite flavor?

SA: My favorite Collagen Bar™ flavor is definitely the Peanut Butter Chocolate. I like that it tastes like a dessert but is healthy and has that source of collagen for my daily intake. Also, it’s the perfect quick snack to carry around in my travel or gym bag.

Photos: Courtesy of Silvana Araujo