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13 Things We're Obsessed with This October

As part of the Vital Proteins family, collagen is always top of mind for us employees. But that doesn’t mean all other interests or passions are out the window. In this newly launched monthly series, we explore the VP team’s current obsessions – whether it’s a podcast, beauty item or buzzy new TV show. Keep scrolling to find out what we can’t stop using, listening to or watching. Consider these little love notes to our favorite things your new little recommendation guide. 

13 Things We're Currently Loving This October

“My favorite products right now are La Sagrada Tierra Hair Treatment – especially now that we’re moving into the colder months. It's a 'clean' scalp/hair treatment that smells great too. I throw it on, wrap my hair into a topknot, sleep with it in and wash the next day. Magic!” 

  • Tessa Ready, Beauty Account Executive

“Our Zen Collagen Shot helps me conquer the day! I like to have one to beat the afternoon slump.”

  • Grace Gavilanes, Writer-Editor

“I'm a huge music fan and love to make playlists on Spotify to listen to while I commute or work through tasks. I recently came across a DJ who goes by Monster Rally (real name is Ted Feighan). He has an entire discography of tropical background beats that fits in perfectly with the beach-themed design of Vital Proteins’ HQ.”

  • Nick Lashock, Marketing Operations Coordinator         

“My favorite show right now is I'm Sorry on Nextlix. The second season just came out and I have already watched it three times already.”

  • Meghan Braselton, Influencer Relationship Manager

“I am a huge fan of My Favorite Murder! I legitimately listen to them anytime I'm down and need support.”

  • Anna Lowe, Senior Accountant

How I Built This is one of my favorite podcasts to listen to at the moment. I'm so inspired by hearing all of the different stories of how founders started their companies.”

  • Jenn Randazzo, Associate Director of Education

“I’ve been listening to Ben Platt’s album, Sing to Me Instead, all day, every day because it’s the one thing that calms me down when I’m stressed out.”

  • Amber Karadsheh, Purchasing Coordinator

13 Things We're Obsessed with This October

“I love using Simple Habit! It's a meditation app that I've set to notify me at 9:45pm every weeknight. Each time I see the notification on my phone, it's a nice gentle reminder to start to wind down and close out the day before bed.”

  • Ali Mahoney, Digital Marketing Coordinator

“I am loving Succession, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and Fleabag. All of these shows are smart, witty, sharp and fun to watch!”

  • Jenn Randazzo, Associate Director of Education 

“My skin has literally never looked or felt better once I started using Youth to the People’s Superberry Hydrate + Glow Dream Mask.”

  • Paige Pontius, Retail Marketing Manager

“The Cocokind All-Over Moisture Stick is literally three ingredients. You can swipe it on your lips, any dry areas or under your eyes for a pick-me-up. The green from the matcha combats redness/darkness under eyes. And the best part is they sell it in Target's beauty section, so I can grab my Vital Proteins Beauty Collagen and Cocokind all in one go.” 

  • Tessa Ready, Beauty Account Executive