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Why I Used Original Collagen Peptides the Year Leading Up to My Wedding

First comes the ring... then comes all the preparations. If you've been engaged, or know someone who has, you'll understand that the months before a wedding come with a laundry list of to-do's. And while planning the actual wedding makes up many of these, you'll be surprised at how many of them involve your day-of beauty.

As a fairly low-maintenance gal myself (rarely, if ever, do I get a facial or upkeep on a mani/pedi) I found myself right in the hype and hoopla of the do-it-all mentality in the months leading up to my wedding. And while I wouldn't necessarily recommend spending close to a month's rent on a new skincare regimen (yikes!) there is one thing I would do-over. (In fact, I still recommend it when any new friend of mine gets engaged.) This being, adding a scoop or two of Vital Proteins Original Collagen Peptides to my coffee every day in the months before the wedding. Here's why:

It's a wellness habit that's convenient

As I said above, there are a million small details to stay on top of leading up to the Big Day. And while there were nights that called for canceling a workout class to wedding prep, adding Original Collagen Peptides to my drink was never one of these things that got in the way.

To make it a habit I stuck with, I simply situated my canister close to my coffee maker as a daily reminder to add it to my morning drink. (Since it's odorless and flavorless, I'd add a scoop or two without noticing the difference — I even found my then-fiancé sneaking some into his morning smoothie!)

Personal note: I went Paleo for a few weeks closer to my wedding day, and it was compliant, which was great!

It's an affordable practice to maintain

I'll spare you the details of how sad my bank account looked getting ready for the wedding. However, buying Original Collagen Peptides was an affordable way to maintain my wellness without shelling out for it. (For insight, the 10 oz. canister only cost me $25 and lasted 3+ months.) Trust me when I say the soon-to-be-hubby was definitely on board with this form of self-care!

The beauty benefits are bride-approved!

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, were the benefits that came with taking Original Collagen Peptides. These included supporting healthy hair, skin, nails and joints** (aka all the essentials for a bride-to-be).

It's safe to say I truly felt that "bridal glow" they talk about come my special occasion. And while the fancy white dress and sparkling heels were only a one-time thing, my Original Collagen Peptides two-scoops-a-day habit has still stuck with me.

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