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How Vital Performance™ Helped Fuel My TRX Workouts

Grace Gavilanes is the Senior Editorial Manager at Vital Proteins®, where she oversees editorial content on Lively. Here, she recounts her experience using Vital Performance™ and TRX every day for three weeks.

As I previously recounted, my relationship with fitness is a complicated one. After a few years of taking a break from the gym – and one lockdown later, of course – I decided to start getting back into shape. TRX straps were there for me every step of the way, as well as Vital Performance™ Protein and Protein Bars. All three workout essentials made the "get strong, feel strong" goal a much more seamless experience.

Speaking specifically to Vital Performance™, these two innovations are game changers when it comes to your daily routine – no matter what your workouts look like. Whenever I felt like I needed to fuel up, I would reach for a Vital Performance™ Protein Bar (My favorite is the Vanilla Coconut!) and immediately would add more power to my bite. With 20g of protein (including 10g of collagen), this delicious bar helps you unwrap your performance. My pantry is fully stocked and having three flavors (Vanilla Coconut, Salty Chocolate Peanut & Chocolate Almond) to choose from is what gets me through my workouts.

As for protein powders, I'm a very big fan of the Vital Performance™ Chocolate Protein! Featuring a 25g blend of milk protein isolate and collagen peptides, this lactose-free protein powder can be used anytime to support improved recovery, stimulate muscle protein synthesis and promote healthy bones, joints and tendons.** While it can be used in pre- and post-workout smoothies, there are other ways to use this performance supplement, including adding it to batter for Double Chocolate Chip Protein Muffins – a must-have for breakfast!

Collagen For Joint Health

Now back to collagen. Why is it key to your daily routine? As important as exercise is to our lives, strenuous and continuous exertion can put a strain on our bodies, especially on muscles, joints and ligaments. Incorporating ingestible collagen (i.e. hydrolyzed collagen) into your diet can help support joint health.** 

Vital Proteins’ and Vital Performance™’s collagen supplements replace what modern food processing has removed from our diets by restoring and promoting collagen production, which is the key to muscle and ligament health. 

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