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Trainer Troy Brooks: How I Uncap My Potential

In honor of the launch of Vital Proteins new Collagen Water™, we’re kicking off a weekly series on Lively called “How I Uncap My Potential,” where we feature amazing men and women doing incredible things in their field. Today, we’re spotlighting trainer Troy Brooks, an influencer and father of one.

Brooks opens up about what sparked his interest in fitness, how he balances fatherhood and career, and shares his favorite Vital Proteins collagen products. Learn more about him in our Q&A. 

Interview with Trainer Troy Brooks

troy brooks how i uncap my potential

Lively: How did you first become interested in fitness?  

Troy Brooks: After losing 100 lbs. on my own personal fitness and wellness journey, I started to feel and look better. Lots of people asked me to train them but at the time I had no credentials, so I told friends we could work out together. During this time, I was a personal assistant to a celebrity and even though I made great money I didn’t feel fulfilled. I didn’t feel like I was doing something “purposeful” and after reading The Alchemist, a switch went off in my brain that told me pursuing fitness and wellness is the career path I needed to take.   

L: We know your son is still young but how do you hope to teach him about living a healthy lifestyle?

TB: He’s got no choice since me and his mama are truly about this life. We just had him in the gym at our resort in Mexico watching us. He’s young but so alert! We believe in leading by example now and he is a little sponge. We work out with him and he laughs and smiles and loves it. We already show him the importance of eating together and breaking bread as a family. As he grows, he will see that we believe in having a “healthy relationship” with food and try to eat fun and flavorful foods that make us happy but also fuel us.  

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troy brooks fatherhood

L: How do you balance fatherhood and your career?

TB: Honestly, I set hard boundaries. That’s been my saving grace. I don’t live to work, I work to live. I am a family man, and nothing is more important to me. So, I set hard days and hours of when I’m off the grid and not to be contacted. I also turn down opportunities if I have to. Because my legacy is bigger than just making money and doing cool projects. My son needs me, my wife needs me. Like my friend Joe says, “Sons need our presence more than they need presents.”  

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L: What has been the most rewarding experience in your career so far?

TB: Honestly, the whole thing has been epic. I know that sounds cliché, but I’ve been able to do some really cool things. I’ve partnered with some really cool companies that I believe in and that also believe in me. We share the same vision, so the relationships haven’t been forced. But if I had to pick it would be having my own fitness concept, “The Level Up,” on a popular fitness app called NEOU. Also, I just recently got asked to be a Lululemon ambassador again so I’m starting to serve my second term and that’s exciting because there is a lot of work I still want to do with that company. I signed an NDA on a big project that will probably be my proudest yet. I can’t wait to share that soon!  

troy brooks trainer

L: Do you have any advice for aspiring fitness trainers?

TB: Yes! Just because a trainer says he or she is certified does not make them qualified. Make sure you are investing not only in certifications but also workshops and seminars as well. This will come in handy when it’s time to apply all the things you’ve learned. Also, be smart about your continuing education and what you choose to obtain. Keep your business hat on first and trainer hat on second. If you pay $3,000 for a performance-based certification but you never train elite athletes, it’s pointless. That title may look cool on your Instagram bio, but you just wasted $3000. Lastly, instant gratification doesn’t exist in this field. You have to pay your dues like we all did. If you’re serious about this field, respect it, stay willing to learn, and pay your dues.

L: How do you "Uncap Your Potential"?

TB: I wake up, put my ten toes to the ground, and I thank God for the air in my lungs, my health, and my family. I acknowledge that because I woke up, I am already winning. I acknowledge that my purpose is bigger than me and with this mentality, I strive to uncap my potential daily. We have a saying where I’m from: “No Cap,” which means there’s no limit!  

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L: How do you incorporate Vital Proteins into your daily routine?

TB: I can talk about this all day. My favorite products are the Collagen Peptides, Collagen Creamer, and the Bone Broth Collagen. The Collagen Peptides blends so well into everything and has no taste, making them easy and versatile enough to add to any meal. I wake up every day at 4:30 A.M. I make my coffee with the Collagen Creamer, which makes it nice and frothy – it’s the best! When I run out of Collagen Creamer, I switch to my Collagen Peptides, which I add to my tea, coffee, oatmeal – you name it. The Bone Broth Collagen is my winter time go-to. It’s just one of the things in my arsenal that helps keep my immune system strong.

Photos: courtesy of Troy Brooks

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