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How Model Ashley Rossi Stays in Shape

Ashley Rossi is a Vital Proteins ambassador and model based in New York City. Here, she gives Lively a peek inside her wellness routine, including her favorite workout moves. 

Being in shape is critical for me and my job. My fitness routine is something I take very seriously and living in New York City gives me the ability to have access to so many fitness and wellness methods. The categories that I focus on are strength training, cardio, sweat sessions, mental health, endurance, and toning.

Model Ashley Rossi’s Favorite Workouts

I do my strength training when I am with my trainer, so I know I am doing the movements correctly. Since I am using heavier weights for this type of workout, it’s best to be careful and make sure you have proper form. Deadlifts, squats, tricep pulls, and sled pushes are examples of what my trainer would include in my routine that day. I’m a big fan of doing hip thrusts using a bench bar is great for your glutes which is an area that I always like to focus on. All you need is motivation and a collagen drink a.k.a. Vital Proteins Collagen Water for ultimate hydration during and post-workout.

EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) training is another way to strengthen your muscles using electrical pulses that cause involuntary muscle flexes. EMS is actually the best for my glutes and I see the most results from this type of workout than any other for that area.

On cardio days, cycling is usually my go-to class. Running on a motor less treadmill is also one of the hardest exercises but great for building endurance. Stairmaster and ellipticals are also machines I like to use for at least 20 minutes in the gym.

ashley rossi model workout

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Actual sweat sessions are something new that I have added to my fitness routine as more options have become more popular and available in N.Y.C.! The two ways to really sweat out toxins and extra water weight is in the infrared sauna or lymphatic drainage sauna wrap. Both are super effective and really hard to get through for 45 minutes but are well worth it! I try to do this twice a month.

Toning is probably the type of exercise I do the most. I want to make sure every muscle is being used and tightened. Barre and Pilates are two of my favorite classes I take. Isometric movements really get the muscles shaking and lead to quick results. Also, you’re mostly using your own body weight so the toning for your muscles is long and lean, which is perfect for me. Another way I tone is by using a mat and doing a routine of my own! Crunches, push ups, and planks are all classics that work for me.

ashley rossi workout

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Last but certainly not least is placing importance on mental health. Taking time for you is so important for your all-around well-being. Meditation is one of the most recommended methods to connect with your feelings, emotions, and releasing stress. Vital Proteins Zen Collagen Shot is a favorite among wellness enthusiasts looking for a little R&R.

Another way to relax and unwind is to drink chamomile tea at night which has become a ritual for me and my boyfriend at home. Taking care of myself can also mean getting a manicure and massage for self-love! 

Photos: Courtesy of Ashley Rossi

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