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What's Inside Model Ashley Rossi's Gym Bag?

As a model, Ashley Rossi takes working out and eating healthy very seriously. The New York City-based beauty always keeps her favorite gym bag – a black Nike tote, in case you were wondering – fully stocked with everything she needs for her regular sweat sessions.

“I always pack my gym bag with these essentials – everything from recovery to beauty!” Rossi tells Lively.

Take a peek at the contents of her gym bag below. You may recognize a few fan-favorites, including Vital Proteins Collagen Water.

whats in my gym bag

Inside Model Ashley Rossi's Gym Bag

ashley rossi gym essentials

Scrunchies! I always start with tying my hair up. It’s the real sign that I’m ready to work out hard.

Nike Air Zoom Sneakers. These are super comfortable for strength training and cardio!

Beats Headphones. I simply can’t exercise without good music!

A book! For days when you want to sweat it out and spend time on the cardio machine, you can lose track of time if you’re deep in a good book.

Joby Manfrotto Phone Mount. I bring this with me especially to the gym to get a quick photo or video of your workout for Instagram.

Dr. Roebuck’s Bondi Hydrating Mist. My absolute favorite for a quick refresh and it smells amazing. It’s made in Australia and is packed with all-natural ingredients like Kakadu plum, cucumber and vitamin b3.

Brazyn Performance Life Foldable Roller. It may be used for many reasons, including increasing flexibility, reducing soreness, and eliminating muscle knots. Simply folds flat to easily fit in your gym bag and not take up too much space.

Vital Proteins Collagen Water. A workout staple for hydration! My favorite is the Strawberry Lemon flavor. It’s the only water you need for working out!

Estee Lauder x Kith Lip Conditioner. My go-to ChapStick that also happens to look really pretty.

Theragun. The original high-frequency, high-amplitude neuromuscular percussive therapy device that helps promote muscle activation, recovery, and pain relief.

Keys! Don’t forget them – unless staying locked out of your place is your idea of fun.

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