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The Ultimate Vital Guide To Back Workouts

Sure, your weekly workout plans include a focus on cardio, core and upper or lower body, but are you forgetting something? With this training schedule, you just might be neglecting your back muscles. We're here to make sure you don't!

Why should you add back workouts to your rotation? Well, most of us spend our days hunched over looking at our phones and computers, which can lead to stiff, sore back muscles. And, your back muscles are a major player in everything you do —from posture to your performance in the gym.

Working your back can be as simple as adding some push-ups or bent-over rows to your routine, or incorporating a rowing workout into your cardio rotation. If you don't have access to a gym, that's okay. You can still get in a solid upper-body workout using your body weight or equipment in your home.

Here's a back workout to get you started! Love it and need more? We've got your back! Keep reading for your ultimate back workout guide.

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