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5 Trendy Nail Styles for Your Next At-Home Manicure

Similar to the worlds of hair and fashion, nail trends evolve with the times. For example, this spring is all about color variation along with elements of surprise. If you're ready to change up your next at-home manicure, keep scrolling to get the latest inspo from a few seasoned experts. (Psst! Don't forget the top coat!)

Pastel Colors

Gina Edwards, celebrity nail stylist, says that in terms of color, we can expect to see pastels like soft to warm peach colors, moody blue colors and yellow which seems to still be trending from last season. Jin Soon Choi, Founder of JINsoon polish line and JINsoon Natural Hand & Foot Spas, adds that she anticipates yellow in particular to be quite popular this season as it is undeniably young and fun in spirit. “We formulated JINsoon Tweety to be a bright pastel yellow that is playful and flattering—the color is reminiscent of forsythia flowers!” she says. “Yellow works well on short to medium length nails and is also a nail-art-friendly shade that mixes wonderfully with neutrals.” 

Edgy Nudes

Edgy nudes are great for spring as well with Choi noting that JINsoon Milieu and JINsoon Dulcet were both huge hits on the Spring/Summer 2020 runways. “These colors are a twist on the traditional nudes and not your typical brown or pinky nude,” she says. “An edgy nude can be a great transformer with different nail shapes and lengths — it can be hip, provocative and modern.” 

Shirley Truong, Master Nail Artist from Tips Nail Bar (which also sells a variety of products online), seconds that neutral doesn’t always have to mean light or soft, in fact, a neutral can be bold, extra and loud. “Statement neutrals that I’m loving include greys, navy, army green and khaki — there’s no doubt these shades will stand out amongst the bright and pastel colors this season,” she says.

Coffin/Ballerina Pointe Shape

When it comes to nail shape, Edwards mentions that it depends on your individual style, but coffin shape, also known as ‘ballerina pointe shoe nails,’ is pretty popular right now. This particular shape has a flat top and straight sides that slope inward. “To create these nails yourself, use a nail clipper to cut a very small amount from the sides of your nails at a slight diagonal inward, then file,” she explains.

Updated French Manicure

With the explosion in nail art creativity as of late, it was only a matter of time that the classic French manicure would embrace this movement. “We’re now seeing French manicures jazzed up with diverse looks using different color combos, line thicknesses and forms, and nail lengths, all while staying true to the classic two-part French color format,” says Choi. “This innovation is what makes it so chic and modern!”

Truong adds that the soft pastel colors trending this season can give the French manicure a refreshing spring vibe. “Another great way to spice things up is the two-tone French manicure,” she says. “Using contrasting colors or complementary colors will put you in a happy mood!”

Nail Art

Finally, Edwards tells Lively that nail art continues to be a sought-after service that can be added onto your manicure. “Current fun and trendy nail art includes things like logos and duplicating patterned nail art such as florals—3D nail art is also still huge using crystals and stones,” she adds.

Choi mentions that toppers are another easy way to add detail and interest to your manicures. “JINsoon Dotty is perfect for easy DIY nail art — this shade is a colorful confetti in a multifaceted mélange and much easier to remove than glitter!” she says. “It was inspired by my mother’s bright and colorful origami art.” She suggests using a topper over shades like JINsoon Muse or JINsoon Pinky for a clean feel, JINsoon Love or JINsoon Aero for an extra dose of color, or JINsoon Absolute Black for a cool, edgy vibe. “I also love this topper over bare nails for a bright, but minimalistic nail look!” Choi says.

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