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Ready For A New Look? Hairstylists Break Down Spring's Hottest Hair Trends

Once the sun starts to stay out longer each day, most of us begin a transition to spring. We put away the winter coats and bust out the florals, stock up on allergy medication and start listing our spring-cleaning chores.

And by spring, many of us are looking to refresh our look, too, especially if you've been avoiding the salon for the past year and are now able to safely return. While you've probably heard about the obvious — looking at you, curtain bangs — there are many additional hairstyles you're bound to see popping up on your social feeds this spring.

Ready for a change? Hair experts give all the hairy details on their predictions of spring and summer trends and how to pick the right one for you. Believe it or not, even the mullet is making a comeback. 

Soft Curly Bob

Sure, you've seen bobs before, and even its stylish cousin, the lob. But you haven't quite met this iteration of the French-inspired chop. The cut is meant to be styled more naturally, and can work for many different hair textures. "The key to this cut is hitting right at the cheek or jawbones, so the style feels young, but not too girlish,”" says Julien Farel, Chairman and Founder, Julien Farel Salon & Spa.

Blunt Bob

Bobs are always a reigning hairstyle. While last year's popular version was soft, this year's bob is a little rougher.

Enter: the blunt bob, which Morgan Thomas, salon Owner of Jade Beauty Co. describes as having "razor-sharp ends hitting right at the shoulder." It's a sleek and sophisticated style that's bound to turn heads.

Curtain Bangs

Seventies-inspired curtain bangs have made a comeback in a big way, says Thomas. If you’ve been wanting to give this style a try, Thomas reassures that it can be flattering on nearly everyone.

It's also a great bang to try if you're scared of committing, adds Amanda George, celebrity colorist and Owner of Roil Salon. "They are longer and easier to grow out if you decide bangs are not for you."

Textured Bangs

Curtain bangs aren’t the only hot hair trend this spring. George assures that we’ll be seeing bangs with some texture, edgy and wispiness.

"Experimentation is big!" she tells Lively. "It always makes a big statement to incorporate bangs into your hairstyle. Whether you have a short bob or long curls. bangs are in!"

Boyish Haircuts

Think a bowl cut, pixie cut or even a mullet. Modern takes allow anyone to feel confident rocking the look. "This style will make a modern comeback with shaggy texture for a face-framing look that's as feminine as it is edgy," says Farel.

Celeb inspiration: Miley Cyrus has been rocking a mullet since dropping her latest album, Plastic Hearts

Dramatic Haircuts

Call it the quarantine chop or boredom, but more and more people are looking to change their hair in a big way.

"Those with heavy, wavy and long hair are opting for shorter lobs or bobs, face framing layers and even pixie cuts!" says George.

Smooth and Sleek Cut

This is an empowering look to rock over your next Zoom call. In addition to making your face pop, celebrity and wedding hairstylist Senada Ceka, says that this straight and elegant style will give you a much-needed confidence boost.

Celeb inspiration: Dua Lipa rocked the Cher-inspired look at the 2021 Grammys.

Bright And Bold Colors

What could be more spring than this? "We are seeing more daring color choices from deep reds, bright pinks and neon bright blues," says George. She adds that these vibrant colors are often paired with a dramatic cut to make the look even more noticeable.

Beachy Waves

If you want a hairstyle that's effortless and classic, you can't go wrong with beach waves, which are commonly created with a curling iron. Or, if you've sworn off heat styling, there are many online tutorials for creating heatless waves.

"Waves with lots of texture and an 'air-dried feel' are super hot coming into the warmer months," says Thomas.

Bohemian Styles

With '70s fashion trends coming back in style (think bell bottoms, tie-dye and maxi dresses), finish the look with a boho-inspired hairstyle, such as effortless waves, braids and messy ponytails.

"This look shows off your edgy side while being playful at the same time," says Ceka. And let's be real: Everything looks better with a braid!