collagen for fitness

Whether you’re training for a marathon, hitting a weekend yoga class, or just starting to get in shape, it’s important to support your joint & ligament health. Vital Proteins helps you rebuild, recover, and perform to the best of your natural ability. So go ahead and channel your inner beast mode.**

healthy & fortified joints

Maximize your body's potential, whether you're training for a marathon, practicing yoga, or just exercising to keep your heart healthy.

healthy muscles & ligaments

Vital Proteins helps support fitness recovery, and helps you perform to the best of your natural ability.**

strenuous exercise

As important as exercise is to our lives, strenuous and continuous exertion can cause a strain on our bodies, especially in muscles, joints and ligaments. Along with age, repetitive activity can lead to collagen depletion in the body. Consuming collagen can support joint health.


A tough workout or training session can call for plenty of downtime, and making collagen a part of your daily diet can help support your recovery. **