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20 Creative Ways To Get Your Steps In This Winter

With winter weather here, it's easy for your step count to go down. That's because, when you can’t get your steps in on your commute, or by exercising in the warm sunshine, your fitness motivation dwindles and deters you from moving as much as you should. We get it, which is why we're offering some unique ways to stay on the move (because there are really only so many laps around your coffee table you can do!).

Scroll on for the inspo that'll get you in motion before you know it!

20 creative ways to hit your step count goal:

  1. Hitting the mall may not sound as appealing as when you were in middle school, but shopping IRL can add as many as 10,000 steps a day.
  2. Snowshoeing earns steps, burns calories and makes getting movement more scenic.
  3. Head to a museum for 2-4 hours of steps, exhibits and a dose of culture. 
  4. 10 steps or 100? Instead of getting your Amazon items from your doorstep, change pick-up to the AmazonGo store.
  5. Skip the elevator. The average set of stairs has 14 steps.
  6. Turn up your favorite tunes and dance like no one’s watching. 
  7. Pace a few steps while you brush your pearly whites.
  8. Waiting for a plane? Use airport downtime to walk up and down terminals.
  9. Check out your local trail maps, bundle up and get exploring.
  10. Take a quick walk on a treadmill while catching up on the news.
  11. Clear the clutter in your house and count your paces.
  12. Be an expert multitasker by taking work calls while walking around your office.
  13. Instead of working through lunch, take brisk steps as a break around the block.
  14. Connect with friends and family with a post-meal walk around the neighborhood.
  15. Playing tag for steps can be fun with kids, or flirty with your sweetheart.
  16. March in place, step side-to-side or pace around your stop while you wait for public transportation.
  17. Skip the Uber and walk to and from your next hot date.
  18. Walk the dog. It’s called teamwork!
  19. Even if what you need at the grocery store is in aisle 1, walk in and out of every aisle.
  20. Host a steps challenge with friends or co-workers and see who gets the most. Up the ante with a cool prize.

The bottom line is to increase movement and activity throughout the day. Stay motivated with creative ideas like these and it'll make the time you are in motion pass more quickly!