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How Effective Are Volleyball Workouts?

If you’ve ever played volleyball (even just in gym class) then you already know it’s a full-body workout that uses many muscles and requires you to jump high and think quickly. Here, we’ll cover how to train and prepare for your best volleyball game with tips from two fitness instructors. 

What are the best exercises for volleyball? 

Any exercise that engages the muscles you’ll use during volleyball (like legs, arms and core) will improve your strength and make you a more powerful player. “The lunge with a twist is my favorite exercise for engaging my core muscles and building lower body strength,” David McHugh, CEO and Founder ofMy Mixify, an online fitness recourse, tellsLively. He adds that this move helps improve your balance and proprioception (body awareness), which are both essential skills for playing volleyball well. The dumbbell squat is also a helpful move which, “fires up those lower body muscles [resulting] in impressive, explosive jumps. Using a dumbbell helps you build up overall muscle mass,” McHugh says.

volleyball workouts

How do you train for volleyball at home? 

You can train for volleyball at home by, “utilizing the main muscle groups that are worked during a game; this includes movements like planks, jumping rope, and hitting and passing drills,”Hannah Daugherty, NASM and ACE Certified Personal Trainer who serves on the advisory board for Fitter Living, tellsLively. “ Using a jumping rope is one of the fastest ways to increase your endurance and, combined with leg drills, shows impressive results,” McHugh says.

Daughtery adds that some of the best moves you can do while training include deadlifts, Bulgarian lunges, lat pulldowns, tricep extensions and shoulder presses.

Is volleyball a good workout? 

Any sport that gets your heart rate up while improving agility and strength is beneficial, so yes, volleyball is a good workout. “Volleyball is a good workout in itself because you're using all your muscles while also working on speed, agility and endurance. A 45-minute gamecan burn up to 545 calories,” McHugh says. It also improves balance and overall stamina.

Being on ateam may also have emotional benefits, and according to 2019 research anxiety and depression were less common in people who played on team sports than those who practiced individual sports, so volleyball is beneficial for the brain and body.

What is the fastest way to increase your vertical jump for volleyball?

You can improve your vertical jump for volleyball by strengthening the muscles used to help you jump higher. “This includes lunges and deadlifts, as well as box jumps and jump rope training,” Daughtery says. If you want to improve your jump height, you have to specifically practice jumping on a regular basis.

“The best way to train for the vertical jump is by practicing the depth jump to box jump,” McHugh says. “Make sure to move from the first box to the next jump as fast

as possible without touching the ground.” Always check to make sure your jump boxes are solid and stable to avoid injury.

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