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Don't Forget to Give These Small Muscle Groups Some Extra TLC

It’s easy to forget about your smaller muscle groups when you’ve already mastered a routine at the gym. Sometimes you squat for what feels like hours to strengthen your quadriceps. And other days, a dumbbell press is needed for your triceps. But how about your small muscle groups? Chances are you’ve never even worked your trapezius (or know where it’s located). And that’s why we’re here.

Ahead, find out what muscles are probably in need of some TLC, as well as the exercise moves you should be incorporating during your next workout sesh.  


smaller muscle group

The trapezius is a wide muscle that covers majority of the upper back and the posterior of the neck. It’s important to keep the trapezius strong because it helps keep your shoulders stable and mobile.

The Workout You Need: Try the overhead squat. Exactly like it sounds, this move requires a barbell or added weight to be held overhead while performing a squat.

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smaller muscle groups

When it comes to leg day, most people focus on building their hamstrings and quadriceps. But we challenge you to embrace your calves, the foundation of your legs.

The Workout You Need: You don’t even have to hit the gym for this one. Try this out next time you’re standing in line at the store. Standing hip-width distance apart, simply rotate your toes inward and raise your heels off the ground.


Stronger ankles mean a lesser risk of injury. Why? Because when you’re staying active on your feet, you’re adding more stress on your ankles.

The Workout You Need: You can do this workout sitting down. Sit on a chair and cross your left leg over your right leg so your left calf is resting on your right thigh. Spell out the alphabet with your left big toe in this position. Repeat on the opposite leg.

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Gluteus Medius and Minimus

smaller muscle group

Okay, so the glute muscles aren’t exactly forgotten. It seems like workouts that target the booty are everywhere – but if you’re not trying them out, chances are you’re not challenging the often-overlooked muscles in your seat. For reference, the gluteus medius is located on the outer surface of the pelvis while the gluteus minimus connects from the hip down to the femur.

The Workout You Need: Wrap a resistance band below your knees and begin side-stepping while holding a squat. You’ll start feeling the burn in no time.

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