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This Celebrity Trainer Says Mindfulness Improved His Workouts

Celebrity trainer Mohamed Elzomor believes in the power of mindfulness.

The fitness guru, who has trained A-listers like Michael B. Jordan and supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio (pictured below), tells Lively that his positive mindset and devotion to staying present are the reasons behind his revamped workouts.

“I used to try to get work done on my phone in between sets, or at the very least try to get work done mentally, thinking that multi-tasking would be the most efficient use of my time,” reflects Elzomor. “When I finally began to clear my mind and only focus on the task at hand, I began to enjoy training more.”

The New York-based trainer says thinking differently changed his life in more ways than one. Despite having a packed work schedule – as is the case with many celebrity trainers – Elzomor makes sure to temporarily disconnect from the chaotic aspect of his professional life to truly focus on his exercise routine at the gym. “I was able to get more out of every single rep, simply because of the unwavering focus I had throughout my workouts.” He adds, “I got stronger, not just physically, but mentally as well. Life is about being in the moment, regardless of what you are doing.”


Mindfulness & The Body

Gym-goers practicing the technique will undoubtedly reap additional physical benefits, according to Elzomor: “When you are extremely focused on the movement and the muscles that you are trying to contract, you begin to acquire greater control of your muscle which allows for better performance and results.”

And of course, like any good trainer, he has begun encouraging his clients to do the same. Whether you consider yourself an exercise enthusiast or are just beginning your fitness journey, Elzomor’s advice will have you rethinking your current approach to working out.

“I think it’s important to walk into the gym with a plan. Know exactly what you’re doing before you get there so that you don’t end up walking around aimlessly. And know why you’re doing it as well,” he says. “If you feel like you’re on a mission, your motivation to finish your workout is much greater.”

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