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The 5 Best Bodyweight Exercises To Add To Your Routine

Whether you’ve been working 10-hour days or just need more energy throughout your day, exercise is the perfect way to boost your mood. Some studies even suggest that doing a minimum 15 minutes of activity a day can decrease less-than-stellar feelings. Add in exercises that are specifically targeted to lift your mood and your day will get a whole lot brighter.

Get into a better headspace with these bodyweight exercises – and don’t forget to reach for Vital Proteins Collagen Water™ or Vital Performance™ RECOVER when you’re done!

5 Bodyweight Exercises To Add To Your Routine

jumping jacks

Jumping Jacks

As you jump your feet out wide, bring your hands together overhead. As you jump your feet back in together, touch your hands behind your low back. Doing jumping jacks this way can help open up the shoulders and promote better benefits for your body.

reverse plank

Reverse Plank

Lie on the floor with your legs straight out and together. Hands are on the floor next to your hips with fingertips pointing forwards. Lift your hips off the ground and let your head tilt back. Hold for 10-30 seconds and repeat. Opening the front of the body in this way stretches tight shoulders and strengthens the glutes and triceps.

burpees exercises


Start in a push-up position with hands underneath shoulders and legs straight. From there, jump both feet forward in between your hands. Then, jump up with hands towards the sky and jump back to push-up position. 

abs exercises

Starfish Abs

Lie face-up on the floor with your legs and arms out wide. Sit up and lift your right leg and left hand up to touch. Lower back down. Then sit up, lift your left leg and right hand up and bring them together to touch. 

downward facing dog

Downward Facing Dog

From a push-up position, lift your hips up towards the ceiling and relax your head down. Push your heels towards the floor. Downward facing dog stretches your chest, shoulders, hamstrings and calves. And with your head below your heart, you'll get added benefits as well.


When your mood dips and you need that extra ounce of energy — get moving. Maximize your energy by implementing these exercises at home, in the gym or on the road for a more productive, happier day.

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