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Betina Gozo on the Benefits of Weight Lifting for Women

You’ve heard it all before, but do you really know what’s true and what’s not when it comes to figuring out why weight  lifting is beneficial for women? The benefits of weight lifting are monumental when it comes to overall health and wellness. Wading through common misconceptions about building “bulk” or not seeing enough results is tough, but Betina Gozo, who was named winner of Women’s Health 2017 Next Fitness Star has broken down the benefits of weight lifting for women and how to motivate yourself to pick up those dumb bells.

Aside from building strength, what other benefits of weight lifting can women see as a result of working weight training into their routine?  

It is SO important for women to incorporate weight lifting in their routine.  Not only will you build strength, but you will build muscle in a way that will get you more lean.  This is because when you have more muscle, you will likely be burning more fat.  When properly fueling, your body will metabolize your food so that you can recover, burn fat, and lean out!  You’ll also FEEL BETTER, you’ll feel more functional in life – even with something as simple as carrying groceries or your children!  

A common idea is that weightlifting adds “bulk”; is this fact or fiction? 

DEFINITELY FICTION. This a myth that I proudly debunked before becoming a personal trainer, which is why I decided to become one!  Weightlifting is the part of your workout that you may be missing that will get you the results you probably have been waiting for.  I love to “show off” lifting heavy, not to “show off my skills”, but to prove to women that someone with a tiny frame like mine DOES lift heavy.  People often think because I “have a tiny waist”, I must “do a lot of cardio” or “not eat a lot.”  Nope – it’s a whole lot of lifting and eating around my life.
benefits of weight lifting for women betina gozo

Sometimes seeing results of weight lifting can be a slow process. What would you say to someone who is getting discouraged with their strength training progress?  

You must always stay patient – strength is something that takes time to build, so the results will also take time.  To stay engaged, celebrate your small victories.  Your first weight training session, celebrate what your body can do!  Then start to celebrate the moments where you can do more reps, then move up in weight, then not be as a sore.  Keep yourself motivated by celebrating all the moments that are new, because guess what? Taking that first step is a victory in itself!

If someone has never done weight training before, how should they start? 

I know I am biased, but it is important to work with a trainer to make sure you are doing the exercises correctly.  Even though you may not be starting with super heavy weights, it’s important to make sure you are moving properly.  It is easy to get into bad habits, and if you are not activating the correct muscles or moving correctly, you can get injured, especially if done incorrectly over time.  If you can’t afford a personal trainer, try looking for a reputable gym that has offers small group training.  Look for a class that has strength training, and has at least 2 coaches available.  This way, you can make sure someone has their eyes on you!

Why is weightlifting a great way to maintain overall health and wellness?  

Weightlifting is one of the best ways to keep yourself in an overall healthy lifestyle.  As we get older, we lose bone density, and resistance training is a great way to keep your muscles strong and keep your bone density high.   My favorite part of weight training is FEELING STRONG – this really does so much for your mind and body.  Being able to push yourself and watch change happen is an incredible feeling that every person should have in their life.  

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