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    Social influencers, bloggers, health practitioners, and collagen enthusiasts alike are all members of the Affiliate Program at Vital Proteins.

    Are you a collagen enthusiast?

    Even if you are just a true fan of the Vital Proteins products and lifestyle, we love having you as a member of our collagen community. 

    Here are a few advantages that may interest you:
    • Promote the vital lifestyle and values within your own communities via word-of-mouth, email, social media, websites, etc. by sharing unique tracking links for our homepage or particular product.
    • Easily access a variety of resources including recipes, photos, and graphics to use for promotion, engagement, collagen education, etc.
    • Receive tips & tricks on best posting strategies for your social platforms - sent directly to your inbox. Stay tuned for these emails!
    • Stay up-to-date on product launches and news with our 'Collagen Corner' e-newsletter. You'll access new product info and photos right away.
    • Earn a percentage of the products purchased through your links.*

    *As an affiliate, you will receive 15% commission for any purchases made through your affiliate link.

    **Affiliate must clearly disclose in all posts that he/she may receive a commission on purchases made through links, as required by the FTC's Endorsement Guidelines.