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    “It's so easy to put into anything"

    Rebecca Matthews, the creator of @balancewithboo, recognized she needed to start listening to her body and take better care of it. Inspired by her mom and their shared love to cook, Rebecca focused on making changes in her life that would impact her mind, body, and soul. After researching ways to combat gut health issues and sleeplessness, Rebecca turned to yoga as a way to get back on track.

    Reasons why Rebecca loves cooking with Vital Proteins Beef Gelatin:

    • Ease of use: Rebecca and her mom love to cook and it makes things so much simpler when there is an easy to add ingredient that's full of beneficial amino acids
    • Everyday Health: Using gelatin every day helps with keeping our bodies full of amino acids to promote a healthy body
    • Clean Nutrition: Gluten free, Paleo friendly, and Whole30® Approved

    Beef Gelatin - $46

    Our Beef Gelatin is a pasture-raised, grass-fed bovine hide gelatin powder that can be mixed into both hot and cold liquids and supports digestive health.

    • Versatile: can be mixed in hot or cold liquids in a variety of recipes
    • Just one ingredient: no artificial flavors, supplements or fillers - just bovine hide gelatin
    • Compliant: gluten free, Paleo friendly, and Whole30® Approved

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