Brand Advocate / Wellness Specialist Positions

Vital Proteins is a dynamic, lifestyle brand built by a team of passionate individuals who believe whole-food-based nutrition is essential for overall health, fitness and wellbeing. Our team is comprised of intelligent, innovative, and entrepreneurial talent who work collaboratively to ensure creativity, success, and global growth.

At Vital Proteins, our mission is to empower everyone to live a full, vibrant life. We are looking for individuals to help us think smarter, act faster, and put ideas on the table quickly. We believe that by developing and supporting the right people, we can develop and execute big ideas. Building a great company is our goal. Quality individuals and getting the team right is our business plan.

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Wellness Specialist Positions:

Wellness Specialist

Los Angeles, CA

Wellness Specialist

New York, NY

Wellness Specialist

San Francisco, CA

Wellness Specialist

Chicago, IL