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    Social influencers, bloggers, health practitioners, and collagen enthusiasts alike are all part of the Affiliate Program here at Vital Proteins. 

    Are you a health practitioner?

    We love that you share the Vital Proteins love in your practice! Having you as a member of our collagen community helps others understand collagen and its benefits. 

    Here are a few advantages that may interest you:

    • Guide your clients directly to the Vital Proteins' homepage or to particular products using your unique tracking links.
    • Choose to share your unique tracking links via email or through a section of your website and blog.
    • Receive tips and tricks for best posting practices, including how to make photos and images "clickable," or how to add sources to your links. These emails will be sent directly to your inbox - stay tuned!
    • Stay up to date on new product launches and news with our "Collagen Corner" e-newsletter and have access to those new product details and photos right away.
    • Earn a percentage of the products purchased through your links.*

    *As an affiliate, you will receive 15% commission for any purchases made through your affiliate link.

    **Affiliate must clearly disclose in all posts that he/she may receive a commission on the products purchased through displayed links, as required by the FTC's Endorsement Guidelines.