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Collagen Essentials

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Whether you’re starting your first Whole30® or wrapping up your third, this Collagen Essentials bundle is for you. Containing best-selling Collagen Peptides, plus fan-favorite Matcha Collagen and refreshing Lemon Slice Collagen Water, you’ll have all the essentials needed to set yourself up for success.**


  • (1) 20 oz. Collagen Peptides
  • (1) 10 oz. Matcha Collagen Original
  • (1) 4-pack Lemon Slice Collagen Water™
  • Convenient: Incorporate into your current daily routine with a variety of best-selling products.
  • Beneficial:Enjoy bovine-based collagen to help support healthy hair, skin and nails.**
  • Easy to Use: Simply add collagen powders to hot or cold liquids. Just twist, sip and refresh.

what is Collagen Water™?

Stay hydrated and feel refreshed with Collagen Water™. Boasting 10g of collagen and 1g of sugar per serving, our Lemon Slice Collagen Water™ can help with your hydration goals.

key features & attributes

  • 10 g of collagen per serving.

  • 1g of sugar per serving.

  • An on-the-go essential.