Matcha Collagen


Antioxidant / Skin / Hair / Nails

Vital Proteins Matcha Collagen is sourced from high-quality Japanese matcha green tea and grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine hide to ensure top quality and maximum nutritional benefit.
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benefits +

  • Bioavailable: Collagen is easily digested and absorbed by the body.
  • Rich in antioxidants: Matcha contains 137 times the amount of antioxidants as other green teas.
  • Beneficial: Helps to improve hair, skin, nails and joints, ligaments, tendons.
  • Easy to use: No complicated preparation required! Simply dissolve into an 8 oz. glass of cold or hot water.

supplement facts +

12 oz Canister

Stick Packs


ingredients +

Bovine Hide Collagen Peptides, Matcha, Coconut Water Powder


amino acid profile +

10 oz canister

Stick Packs


how to use +

  • Stir into water, coconut milk, or other beverages
  • Add to smoothies as protein and antioxidant booster
  • Add into dessert or pastry recipes that call for matcha powder
why it's awesome
  • A great source of antioxidants
  • 10 grams of collagen per serving
  • Free from dairy, soy, gluten, and added sugars

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Matcha Collagen

This is one of three vital proteins products I use pretty frequently. Green tea or good quality matcha is always pricey so I don't buy it all the time. I quit coffee about a half year ago because it was adding problems to existing G.I. trouble. As an avid coffee drinker my whole life, this was no small challenge. Trying to find a replacement morning beverage was hard. This product was recommended to me and while it's no coffee, it has become one of my favorite morning beverages. The caffeine in green tea is way different than coffee, offering a more sustainable less acute energy boost. I really like drinking this green tea product that is easy on my stomach, gives me an energy boost and also adds more protein to my diet especially in the morning when we need it. I usually add an alternative milk like almond or coconut which adds a bit of creaminess and flavor.

Monica N.
United States

Sub par experience

The matcha tasted good and was easy to mix and smooth. I did notice after a couple weeks I had awful heartburn which lead to nausea. I stopped and noticed the symptoms gone in about 3 days. I’ve also taken the regular vital protein collagen pills and didn’t finish the bottle because i always felt a little off. I put together it’s the caffeine with the collagen that really didn’t sit well with me. Which is fine. The 2 stars is for the customer service I received. I emailed to stop my match a collagen subscription and told them why and didn’t get any concerned inquiries or even offered a refund for an expensive product that spent money on. Luckily I was able to give it to a friend that didn’t experience the same symptoms.


Soooo good

I was hesitant to try this matcha collagen because of the price & wasn't sure I'd like it. I'm in love!! I make an iced matcha latte w/ light vanilla almond milk and it's amazing. You don't taste any funkiness & it's awesome because you're drinking something good for you. Loveeeee, will buy this over & over again.


Easy on stomach!

I used this before I was pregnant and really liked how it didn't bother my stomach at all. Now I am going through morning sickness during this first trimester, and have found that coffee is not sitting well. Instead, I use two scoops of the matcha powder in some hot milk and it tastes great, no weird taste, and is so much easier on my stomach. I even get that extra caffeine boost from it! I wasn't sure because it's a little pricey, but I have found it to be completely worth it.

Stephanie A.
United States

Yoga Instructor

I am obsessed with Matcha. I have a tea shop grind the highest quality Matcha available and mix with other ingredients like cardamon, spirulina, moringa, ginger, Ashwaganda, turmeric and peppercorns. I think Vital Proteins Match is top quality in flavor, richness and health benefits. Love the collagen and think its the best product out there! Thank you for manufacturing such a superior matcha. I start my day, everyday with your Match Collagen and it makes me so very happy!

our sourcing story

What is Matcha Collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body, and helps support the health of all the body’s connective tissues. Meanwhile, matcha green tea boasts a huge number of antioxidants and also contains beneficial chlorophyll. When the powers of matcha are paired with our Collagen Peptides, it's a match(a) made in heaven!


key features & attributes

  • 10 grams of collagen per serving sourced from grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine.

  • L-theanine provides a calm, steady sense of alertness without the crashing effects of caffeine.

  • Whole30-approved and free of dairy, gluten, added sugars, and artificial flavors.