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    Sue J.
    United States

    Beef Liver Product

    My thoughts are that I would like that the product remain in stock so that I will not run out of my supply. Other than that, I feel that Vital Products Beef Liver has helped with my well being.

    Carrie D.
    United States

    Does this mean I have

    Does this mean I have been sent my automated purchase finally? No one has responded to my emails and I haven't received my orders the last two months and I had to order from an outside source. I am very happy with the product it's self but the customer service has been terrible.


    Vital Proteins

    Hi Carrie! We are so sorry for the delay, we just emailed you!

    Sherry A.
    United States

    I haven't used liver capsules

    I haven't used liver capsules long enough yet but I do want to say that the last 2 containers of collagen peptides were good. I had a container before that that smelled and tasted bad. I had to mix it with chocolate milk to mask the taste so I had to drink it in the morning instead of at night like I like because I think it helps me to sleep good.

    Cheryl T.
    United States


    I’ve been advised to increase my intake of B12. I’m glad to know that B12 occurs naturally in Beef liver. I trust your company. Taking this product gives me extra B12 along with other nutrients.needed for living a healthy life.

    Kate W.
    United Kingdom


    They were seized by customs so pretty unhappy

    Health Benefits of Liver

    Before we get into how to get this food into your diet, let’s talk about why you would want to eat it. Liver is extremely high in nutrients, and not only that, it’s high in bioavailable nutrients. This means that they are very easily absorbed by the body and are ready to use.

    Vitamin A: Liver is high in vitamin A, a fat-soluble vitamin that’s beneficial for eye health, skin health and cellular turnover, among other things. It’s important to distinguish between bioavailable vitamin A and provitamin A (such as beta carotene), which is found in plants and acts as a precursor to our internal vitamin A production. Though we can create vitamin A from carotenoids, some of us are better at it than others. Consuming vitamin A directly is a more reliable way to obtain its benefits.

    Iron: Liver is also high in iron, which is important for muscle function, brain function and hemoglobin formation, which makes it crucial for energy production.

    Copper: Copper is an important nutrient that we often don’t hear a lot about. However, it contributes to nerve and immune system health. It also helps produce collagen, the connective tissue responsible for our bone, joint, hair, skin and nail health.

    B Vitamins: Finally, liver is a fantastic source of B vitamins. It is especially high in vitamin B12 and folate. All of the B vitamins are important for helping convert food into energy, which is extremely important for ensuring you feel energetic and vibrant in your daily life. Folate is also beneficial for cellular growth, making it extremely important for women of childbearing age.

    Health Benefits of Vitamin A

    Vitamin A, a fat-soluble vitamin, is beneficial to the body in numerous ways. Here’s what you need to know about the health benefits of vitamin A and the best ways to get vitamin A into your diet.

    First, let’s talk a bit about the health benefits of vitamin A. This nutrient is most often discussed with relation to eye health, as it is hugely important in the differentiation of and reproduction of eye cells (1). But that’s not all that vitamin A does for the body.

    Because it is important for cell creation and reproduction, vitamin A also benefits the skin, helping the skin cells to stay fresh and healthy. Furthermore, vitamin A is an antioxidant, which is a type of molecule that can bind to electrons of free radicals in the body. This means that it can help promote healthy aging and youthful-looking skin.

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