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By: Lisa Payne

Has checking the number on your scale become like watching a bad version of Groundhog Day? If you’ve been working out and eating clean like a boss, and the weight just isn’t budging it’s time to find a new game plan. All too often, we get stuck in a routine that “feels” like it works. However, if your body isn’t changing every 4-6 weeks, your routine may not actually be doing much at all. You need better tips and exercises for weight loss!

Make plateaus a thing of the past by taking a look at these common problems people have when trying to lose weight, and our top solutions.

Same Cardio, Different Day?

If you’re still on the page where doing endless hours of cardio on an elliptical is how you think you’ll lose weight, turn the page. Quality cardiovascular training can take many forms, but in every case, it should elevate your heart rate and be challenging. Workouts that include whole body movements, resistance, and intervals are best for weight loss.

Not sure you’re ready to step it up? Use the talk test. If you can tell your whole life story during your workout, it’s time to vary the duration, frequency, and/or intensity of each workout. If you can talk, but only in broken sentences, you’re likely sufficiently challenged. Going breathless is considered vigorous training and will definitely help push the scale in the right direction. Schedule a mix of the latter two during your week!

Skipping Breakfast

The golden rule of weight loss is to never skip breakfast. After sleeping anywhere from 7-9 hours, your body is lacking the fuel you’ll need to kickstart your metabolic engine. You’ll be less likely to overeat throughout the day if you keep your blood sugar stable, starting first thing in the morning. Keep it simple with eggs, yogurt, fruit, or oatmeal.

Avoiding Heavy Weights

If you’ve been using the same weights regularly for two months or longer and aren’t seeing results in your body, go up to go down. Lift heavy weights that are challenging, but not overwhelming. This will help to increase your heart rate and burn more calories. Resistance training in general is unique in that not only will it help to burn more calories within the workout, but it also builds metabolic heavy muscle to burn more calories over time. The more muscle you have, the leaner you are!

Negative Self-Talk

Attitude is everything when it comes to changing the way you feel. If you’re constantly hard on yourself for every little misstep along the way, it can really set you back. When you’ve hit a plateau, how motivational is yelling at the scale and telling yourself you can’t do it? Commit to a mind over matter attitude and keep making small changes that will better your results. You have everything you need. Remember, strength is an inside job!

In order to get that number on the scale down, you yourself need to get down… Down to the gym! Start your day off with a healthy breakfast, change your mindset on cardio, lift something heavy, and tell yourself you got this! Weight loss is within your reach so long as you keep trying and keep exploring new ways to challenge your body.

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