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By: Lisa Payne

While the ergometer, aka the indoor rowing machine, is a prime piece of low-impact cardio equipment, did you know it can be used for more than rowing?

A 1-hour vigorous rowing workout can burn up to 700 calories. Used this way, it works the back muscles, shoulders, abdominals, hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes and calves. In addition to working these muscles during cardio, the ergometer can also double as strength equipment.

Try these non-rowing exercises when you want to try something new.

6 Non-Rowing Exercises to Do on a Rowing Machine

6 Non-Rowing Exercises to Do on a Rowing Machine

Bulgarian Split Squat

Bring the seat to the end of the track. With your back facing the ergometer display, place your right foot on top of the seat. Bend your left knee into a lunge while reaching your right leg back, letting the seat slide backwards. Stand up and guide the seat back. Repeat on both sides. 

Push-Up into Knee Tuck

Face away from the display. Place hands on the floor in push-up position with both feet up onto the seat. Bend both arms into a push-up. Straighten your arms and tuck both knees into your chest. Go back to push-up position. 

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Lateral Lunge

Stand at the end of the machine with the side of your right hip facing the display. Put the inside edge of your right foot onto the seat. Keeping your right leg straight, bend the left knee. Allow the seat to slide out to the right in a lateral lunge. Try both sides.

Plank Reach

Facing the display, place both hands onto the seat with thumbs on top. Step back into a plank. Engage your core and let the seat slowly slide forward and back. These small movements fire up the core and triceps.

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Plank with Leg Up-And-Overs

With hands on the floor and feet on the seat, come into push-up position. Raise your right leg off the seat and touch your toes to the floor. Bring it back. Try it on the left side.

Pike Ups

From push-up position with hands on the floor and feet on the seat, pike your hips up towards the ceiling so that your body comes into an inverted “V”. Slowly lower back down into a plank position.

Workouts on the ergometer prevent boredom, are total-body and can prevent you from having to buy tons of equipment. Whether you’re looking for a cardio rowing workout, a strength workout or one that combines them both, the ergometer is one of the most versatile pieces of fitness equipment.

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