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by grace gavilanes

New product alert! Longtime Vital Proteins users, you’ll want to listen up. We recently launched our Collagen Beauty Glow and the obsession is real. If you’re looking to easily upgrade your beauty routine, add a scoop or two of your soon-to-be favorite product to a glass of water, morning tea or smoothie for stronger hair, skin and nails.

Our Collagen Beauty Glow is available in the following three flavors:

Tropical Hibiscus: hints of pineapple, hibiscus and lemon

Lavender Lemon: lightly flavored with hints of lavender and lemon

Strawberry Lemon: lightly flavored with hints of strawberry and lemon

Who Can Benefit from the Collagen Beauty Glow?

collagen beauty glow

Anyone, really. If you prefer our hydrolyzed Marine Collagen Peptides (sourced from wild-caught, non-GMO snapper scale) over our hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides (sourced from bovine hide), you’ll want to stick to the Collagen Beauty Glow.

Our new beauty-first collagen product boasts the same ingredients as our beloved Beauty Collagen with the exception of three key ingredients: our Marine Collagen Peptides (as we just mentioned), vitamin C, and biotin.

The addition of biotin supports healthy hair, skin and nails, while vitamin C is needed for our body to produce collagen. And just like our OG skin-saving Beauty Collagen, our Collagen Beauty Glow also contains hyaluronic acid to help promote skin moisture as well as probiotics.

Ready to sip your way to glowing skin? Visit to get your Collagen Beauty Glow today.

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