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How 5 Vital Dads Fuel Their Workouts

by Jordan Smith - June 08, 2022

With Father's Day fast-approaching, we wanted to highlight a few of our Vital Proteins® and Vital Performance™ super-dad staffers. When they aren't working on all things collagen, they're keeping up with their little ones, which doubles as a workout on most days. 

Keep reading to find out how these Vital Dads are fueling their fitness routines. (Hint: It most definitely involves collagen.)

How Vital Dads Add Collagen To Their Workout Routines

Cameron Schuler, Sr. Director Vital Performance

Dad to 2 ½-year-old Isla 

"I try to squeeze in workouts whenever I can. Oftentimes, I take my daughter on early morning 'adventure' runs in the jogging stroller. After, I squeeze in a quick snack — usually reaching for a Vital Performance™ Protein Bar for convenience before I head into the office. In the afternoons I love to mix Vital Performance™ Cold Brew Coffee Protein in with Greek yogurt for a protein-packed snack."


Al Taylor, Customer Advocate Manager

Dad to 3-year-old Aubrey and 12-year-old Ayden

"Early morning workouts start the day for me! Strength training followed by an hour of cardio (racquetball) really gets the blood flowing. I start each workout with Vital Performance™ PRE in Lemon Grape. Post workout, I make a smoothie using Vital Performance™ Vanilla Protein, peanut butter, ice and a banana. After a daily Defense Collagen Shot™, I'm ready for the day!"

Erick Walts, Senior Manager of Science & Material Qualification

Dad to 15-month-old Stella Joan

"Being a new dad has been amazing and exhausting at the same time! Having a 15-month-old, it's not always easy to get in a workout. I have found that most of my workouts consist of walking with Stella, pushing her around the neighborhood in her stroller. I always mix the Hydration** + Collagen in Lemon Lime with a Collagen Water™ in Lemon Slice to bring on our walks. This keeps me hydrated during the day when I forget to take time to drink enough. When need a caffeine (and chocolate) boost, I love mixing Chocolate Collagen Peptides into my coffee to start my day or as an afternoon pick-me-up."

Frank Auriemma, Inventory Coordinator

Dad to 4-year-old Gianna

"The Vital Performance™ Cold Brew Coffee Protein always adds the extra boost I need to keep up with Gigi and all the energy a 4-year-old can have. I also love the Energy Collagen Shot™. It helps me every day!"

Mike Killion, Content Producer

Dad to 10-week old Landon

Luckily as we've transitioned into parenthood, I've been able to stay consistent with my archery practice. Getting myself to the gym or out for a run has been harder but and I find that using the vanilla or chocolate protein powders in my smoothies for breakfast has been an easy go to. Typically I'm just grabbing a Vital Performance™ Salty Chocolate Protein Bar if I leave the house to go to the range and shoot, quick easy protein on the go! 

**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. ^Results may vary. Various studies have suggested benefits following daily consumption of collagen for several months. Refer to product labels and vitalproteins.com for recommended serving sizes and for more information.

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