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A Day in the Life of Graphic Designer Jess Stowe

by Jess Stowe - April 17, 2019

Welcome to The Vital Life, where we spotlight Vital Proteins employees. This week, designer Jess Stowe gives us a peek inside her day.

the vital life

jess stowe

My mornings start at around 7 A.M. I am naturally a night owl, but I’m beginning to appreciate the benefits of starting the day early. Along with making myself breakfast, I like to take care of chores in the morning – what an adult statement. This usually entails washing leftover dishes, watering the apartment plants, and feeding my roommate’s bearded dragon if she’s off to her nursing job early in the morning.

As soon as I arrive at the office, I order a coffee to prep for the busy work day ahead. I prefer to wait two hours after I wake up to have caffeine to give myself the chance to wake up on my own – without the help of my morning java. My usual go-to is a latte made with Vital Coffee Roasters and Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides, whipped up by our awesome in-house barista Becca. Lately though, I’ve been reaching for a matcha latte in the mornings. It calls for one scoop of Vital Proteins Matcha Collagen, some honey, oat milk, and a dash of Vanilla Collagen Creamer. This beverage keeps me focused and energized thanks to key ingredient L-theanine, an amino acid that delivers an “alert calm” in users rather than a jolt and crash.

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As a graphic designer, I assist my team by developing internal design needs, such as print materials, retailer signage and activations, promotional products, marketing and trade show materials … the list goes on! On the side, I provide design consulting services, working with small businesses and individuals to advise or produce their design needs. I tackle those projects on weeknights or weekends.

After the work day is over, I like to meet up with my boyfriend and friends for board games or sign up for a workout with ClassPass. I really enjoy yoga and strength-training classes; I recently tried aerial yoga and LOVED it. It’s important to try things outside of your comfort zone, and this class definitely did just that for me.

sleep collagen shot

Before bed, I like to wind down with some Netflix or continue re-reading the Harry Potter series. I’m a light sleeper so I don’t always wake up feeling rested. I’ve wanted to use our Sleep Collagen Shotto see if it would help me out, and a few nights ago I finally had the chance to try it! I found the taste (blueberries and lavender) soothing and flavorful – just the thing I needed before bed. I think it definitely helped me get a more restful night’s sleep due to snooze-inducing ingredients melatonin, GABA, and magnesium.

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I’ve done a decent amount of traveling this past month, getting to visit Massachusetts, Arizona, and Wisconsin. It was super helpful to carry along Collagen Peptides Stick Packs, so I could get my collagen fix while I was on the go. It was the perfect addition to my coffee, which I would buy at local shops on the road!